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There is power in acceptance. When we accept ourselves completely, we are free from thinking we aren’t good enough, from hating parts of ourselves, even free from striving to be something we aren’t. We can see ourselves as we really are – another member of humanity, no better or worse than anyone else, and we’re all pretty damn amazing!

Accepting ourselves leads to acceptance of others. When we’ve dealt with our own junk, our own issues, we can see and accept others much more easily. We realize they are human too, maybe with some issues of their own, but that’s okay. When, at our absolute core, we don’t judge ourselves harshly, we are more understanding of others too.

Accepting our life’s circumstances is also important. By accepting what we have now, where we are now, we remove our desperate wanting. Wanting things to be different (different job, spouse, kids, etc), wanting more ____ (money, stuff, toys, friends, popularity, holidays, etc), wanting less _____ (trouble, work, bills, snow, etc). When we learn to accept what is, we come back to the present, stop moping about the past or pining for the future and we’re instantly happier. It means we stop rebelling against God and life and all it‘s given us. Thankfulness helps us accept things as they are, and always leads to more contentment, too.

We often take things for granted! We, healthy people, take for granted that we can get up and do things, go places, and sleep at night… when I work midnight shifts, sleeping is not always easy! We take for granted we can have a shower any time we want, get food any time we want, call our friends or family any time we want. There are people living in parts of the world that can’t do any of those things with any measure of reliability, and from what I’ve heard and seen, on the whole, they complain less than we do.

Thankfulness leads to acceptance of what is, which leads to acceptance of ourselves, which leads to acceptance of others, which leads to more kindness, understanding, tolerance, compassion, and love! I wonder what would happen if we all took a little time out to accept ourselves more.


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Last week, I went cross-country skiing, briefly – there was no trail made, so I didn’t got far before filling my boots with snow and turning around and backtracking! It was a beautiful day, only about -5 C, so I was just happy to be out and about. On the way back, I got a special treat – I saw 2 moose cross the path in front of me! It was quite a sight – they were coming from the direction of town, heading into the bush, and of course the trails are on the edge of town. They running across the trail, so obviously they must have been scared by something, probably a car or truck. I don’t think it was little old me on the cross country skis, ploughing along…! It was quite a sight to see, 2 beautiful, big moose bounding across the trail and into the bush. One went in to a thicker area, so I couldn’t see it, but the other one just went off into the poplars, so I could see it quite well for a while. It seemed pretty unconcerned with me. So I am feeling very blessed to get to see some moose up close! I have seen them along the road, rarely, and even as I whiz by I am always excited to see them, but on foot, at much slower speeds, it was a real treat.  I don’t know if they were male of female, because the males don’t have antlers at this time of year (someone correct me if I’m wrong, I’m not a biologist).

Deer in Cutline

And then the other day, at work, I saw 5 or 6 deer, not far from the airport! They were in a cutline that we have that allows us to see Footner Lake and Watt Mountain. Luckily, I had brought my camera to work that day, so I managed to get a few pictures! So that was another treat! And I saw some more deer (possibly the same ones) that night going home from work, along the edge of the road! Luckily, they bounded over the snowbanks along the edge and did not test the structural integrity of my car! 🙂 Deer are so smart!  Apparently, the wolves are on the move as well – my coworker told me, and I also had a pilot comment that he saw a deer that had been taken down by wolves.  The snow has a nice crust on top, so they can get around better (and I imagine it’s harder for the hoofed animals).

To top off my week, I’ve been blessed to see 2 wonderful displays of aurora! Dancing, ribbony, floating, cloud-like, spikey, mostly green with wisps or red! Darren said there was an awesome display in Edmonton that same evening, with white and purple even!  So I hope that lots of you got to see them!

So I’m just feeling very grateful and appreciative of the nature that I’ve encountered in the last week!  It makes me glad I live where I do, where the northern lights are a frequent occurrence and the skies are nice and dark. I took some nice pictures of the lunar eclipse a few weeks ago and some constellation pictures, too, right from my back yard. 🙂 And I’m using these gifts to remember God’s greatness and to put in perspective some people-related things that have happened this week.

Hopefully you’re all having a great week, and enjoying the spring-like weather!  I was out on my back deck today, soaking up the rays! 🙂

Unbelievable Weekend

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I have had yet another unbelievable weekend! This one is for a much different reason… This time, it’s not because Team Uhuru won the gold medal (which we did in Edmonton and I forgot(!) to blog about!) but because of people. I have been so blessed to be surrounded by such nice, genuine, real people, who care deeply about each other, who love each other, and who let each other know it! 🙂 I can’t tell you how many times someone said “we’re so glad you’re on our team” or “I’m so glad that you are our drummer” and various other complimentary things! And it’s not because I am some kind of amazing person – it’s because they are!
Although I would like to say that if they see anything different in me – one of my teammates said I had a gentle spirit – it’s only because I have been spending more and more time really connecting with God. And how, you might ask? By meditating, not for hours or days but in every moment I remember to do it, which is quite a few moments! And I don’t chide myself for forgetting – what is the point? I am human and I am learning! 🙂 And every moment I do remember is worth 10 that I don’t.
So the bondng, the teamwork, the love and concern, and most of all the genuine-ness I’ve felt in the last 3 days is some of the most intense I’ve ever experienced. And that too, may be because I am living in the moment more, really feeling things and committing them to memory! I will have so many amazing memories from this weekend in… they are my treasures. And as the Bible says not to store up treasures on Earth, these ones are going with me when I go.
Take care everyone!