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A poem and a photo for you to enjoy today.


Bank swallows
strung out on a line
like musical sixteenth notes
twittering away
in the sun.

bank swallows on a wire

Poem to the Riverside Plants

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A Poem to the Riverside Plants

Hello little plant.
You have been my constant companion.
I have stepped on you,
pushed you aside,
pushed you over,
put my tent on top of you,
and now, I sit here among you
using you as shelter from the storm,
knowing that you are a little taller than I am
so if lightning strikes, it’ll strike you first.
I have taken you for granted,
mistreated you,
maybe even abused you,
and still you shelter me
and love me and produce oxygen for me.
You are Nature.

I wrote this poem on day six of my kayak trip this summer, after sitting out a thunderstorm on the shore of the Peace River, with no shelter or protection from the elements except for a rain slicker and the small willows on the muddy bank.

God’s Travel Agents

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Like travel agents,
Handing out brochures for places
They’ve never been,
They speak of God’s love,
Grace and mercy.

Those who spend too much time
Still focusing on earning salvation—
Faith without works is dead, you know—
Believing that grace is really only needed
By hookers and drug dealers.

But oh, how wrong they are!
Grace and Love flow
Like rain in a downpour,
Like water in the ocean,
Like air in our lungs.
From the lowest to the highest
We’re all the same in God’s eyes,
And we’re all drenched in Love.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

One day it struck me that evangelists are a bit like used car salesmen. So I wrote this poem. Far better to experience Love and keep your mouth shut, than to try to sell something you don’t really know about.


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Sorry I haven’t blogged in a few days… I’ve been off having adventures, of course! My sweetheart came up to visit me – a total surprise! – so that was awesome! We had an adventure in the mud – it’s amazingly sticky and yet slippery at the same time! We went for a drive, and I accidentally ended up on a mud road, got stuck and had to be pulled back to gravel. Tons of fun… and tons of mosquitos (not part of the fun)! At one point, I was skidding as though on ice, but it was mud! Weird! 🙂 That was Friday night. Then Saturday/Sunday, we went to Hay River, to see the Alexandra Falls, and check out the Great Slave Lake (both of which I had seen but he had not). They are both awesome, and I am always drawn back to reality and the moment, and anchored. Thus was this poem inspired:


To sit beside the ocean,
To hear the crashing waves,
See them crest,
See them curl…
To feel the wind in my hair
and know that I am alive,
Living fully in this moment.
I feel the ocean’s pulse,
I see it dance,
Feel it breathe.

I find an ocean
In a lake,
Sunset or sunrise –
In any moment
When I to reconnect
With who I really am.


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The Sun advances
And the sky alights.
Clouds that were grey
Turn incredible shades
Of pink, orange, red,
The sky on fire.

As first light appears, I realize
That we aren’t standing still,
with the sun approaching.
We are on a massive, turning sphere,
In continual motion, dynamic.
I can almost feel the motion…

As the sun breaks the horizon –
Orange, blazing, blinding –
The clouds are now yellow
Or white, or grey again.
Why don’t I notice the
Gradual change? It’s
Only when I glance away
And back again that I see
The beauty anew,
The dynamic sky,
So awesome,
So beautiful,
It strikes a chord in me.


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Oh the joy of good food!
Savoury, sweet, wonderful food!
Salty, saucy, crunchy, filling,
Scrumptious, healthy food!


That’s all I’ve got for poetry today, folks! Some days are more inspired than others! 🙂


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glowing, warming us

always shining on the earth

despite the clouds.

Clouds in your life are only small things, temporarily between you and the sun.  The sun is still shining, always, – there’s just a little water vapour between you and it.  The clouds will pass!  Take care, everybody.

A Poem a Day!

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Hi everybody! I got a great idea from an amazing thing on Flickr – a picture a day, posted by a very creative and gifted young photographer, who goes by the alias “Artzy Viva.” Perhaps you know her, but if you don’t, check her out here. She’s posting a self-portrait a day and she is so creative!

Now, I am not going to post a picture a day, although I could, I suppose, but I thought I would try a poem a day, at least for a while (not promising a whole year). I have been wanting to write a little poetry lately, so here goes!


Wriggling, still,

Slender, plump,

Hungry, content.

Happy to eat what I throw away,

Worms are in my kitchen.

In bins, don’t worry, they aren’t running loose,

They aren’t running at all–

They don’t have legs.

They turn my garbage

Into beautiful dirt,

Even my junk mail.

Okay, I never said it would be beautiful, inspiring poetry! Maybe another day -today, I worked 13 hours, so that’s all I’ve got for ya!