Memeza Africa Brings Hope

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On the weekend, I got the opportunity to go to Edmonton and hear the Memeza Africa Choir – wow! They were incredible! They had such energy! They were at the Centre for Spiritual Living doing a few songs to tease us into buying tickets for their concert on April 24 at the Centre (which I am sure is sold out by now) or another on May 29 at the Winspear Centre. They’re doing concerts all over western Canada, and I would love to go see them again.Memeza Africa

Memeza consists of about 18 young adults (9 women and 9 men) who are the most amazing singers I think I’ve ever heard. In addition to their clear, far-carrying voices and stirring harmony, they have choreographed movements that would spell disaster for most choirs! Rhythmic clapping, finger snapping and lots of other motions, and they smiled all the while! If it were me, I’d probably have a look of intense concentration to make sure I didn’t goof up! They danced, too… some high kicks that were amazing! From Memeza Africa webpage:

Memeza Africa was born out of the dream of Holly Wright’s to re-record her song “The World Shall Love Again” while living in South Africa.  She connected with Jimmy Mulovhedzi and through the mutual passion for the message of this song, soon developed a strong bond and common goal; to bring their two cultures together through music and spread a message of love and tolerance. This ultimately led to the unique and powerful musical collaboration Memeza Africa, bringing together the songs and styles of South Africa and Canada.

They sang 2 African songs and one “Canadian” one. The first song, an African one, had rhythms that positively unlocked something in me! It was incredible — unidentifiable emotions welled up in me… I felt incredulous, joyful, and inspired… amazed, grateful, moved… words don’t describe very well what I felt. They performed a song about hope, and it reminded me that no barrier is impassable, no trouble too great, no trial so bad that it can break the human spirit. I wish everyone who is discouraged could hear their music and know that there is hope! It is real, tangible… you can recover from whatever’s in your past, you can stick to the path you’ve chosen, you can overcome the difficulties you face! You’ll make it!

If you have a chance to see Memeza at one of their concerts, don’t hesitate to go! They are incredible, uplifting and inspiring… and who couldn’t use more uplifting or inspiring?  🙂