Unbelievable Weekend

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I have had yet another unbelievable weekend! This one is for a much different reason… This time, it’s not because Team Uhuru won the gold medal (which we did in Edmonton and I forgot(!) to blog about!) but because of people. I have been so blessed to be surrounded by such nice, genuine, real people, who care deeply about each other, who love each other, and who let each other know it! 🙂 I can’t tell you how many times someone said “we’re so glad you’re on our team” or “I’m so glad that you are our drummer” and various other complimentary things! And it’s not because I am some kind of amazing person – it’s because they are!
Although I would like to say that if they see anything different in me – one of my teammates said I had a gentle spirit – it’s only because I have been spending more and more time really connecting with God. And how, you might ask? By meditating, not for hours or days but in every moment I remember to do it, which is quite a few moments! And I don’t chide myself for forgetting – what is the point? I am human and I am learning! 🙂 And every moment I do remember is worth 10 that I don’t.
So the bondng, the teamwork, the love and concern, and most of all the genuine-ness I’ve felt in the last 3 days is some of the most intense I’ve ever experienced. And that too, may be because I am living in the moment more, really feeling things and committing them to memory! I will have so many amazing memories from this weekend in… they are my treasures. And as the Bible says not to store up treasures on Earth, these ones are going with me when I go.
Take care everyone!

Travel Adventures

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Well, I am in Vancouver right now, with at least a couple minutes before my plane loads… I was supposed to be in Kelowna last night, but I was flying standby and the plane was full (although 1 day before there were still 3 spots left!) but I was able to get on a flt to Edmonton, so I got an unexpected visit with my Mom and Dad! That was very nice. I bought a ticket to Kelowna via Vancouver (it was either that or Calgary) and so here I am! And I think they’re loading, so I’m off! I’ll write more later, about the Kelowna Dragon boat festival and more!