Highlights of 2007

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I know, it’s the third week of January, but I was thinking about what a great year I’ve had, so I thought I would recap it here!

Kayaks on Beach

Kayaking – I went on an awesome kayaking trip in the Broken Group Islands, with Pacific Northwest Expeditions. What a great time!

R44 At Sunset

Helicopters – I became friends with a really great helicopter pilot, and had a few adventures!! I got to do some work up close around the helicopter, and got to go on a couple rides as well. What a great time I had! 🙂

Uhuru Wins Gold! Uhuru in Lane 1

Dragonboating – I joined Team Uhuru, an Edmonton team who graciously allowed me to paddle and cheer with them. Then, I ended up as their drummer, which was great! We WON THE GOLD at Edmonton’s festival (we couldn’t believe it!) and went to Kelowna in September and had a lot of fun!! What a great group of people! So nice and so much fun! In the picture, it’s hard to tell we won, but we did (in the photo with only 2 boats, we’re the boat closer to the shore)!  In the photo with 3 boats, we are the one farthest from the shore, clearly out in front!  🙂

Friends – I met lots of people this year and made quite a few new friends, through various volunteer jobs and whatnot!

Bookstore – I helped the High Level Women Support Centre open a new/used bookstore. It was a lot of work, but also a lot of fun! And now it’s up and running (and I’m doing less work over there) and it’s such a great little store! Check out the webpage if you’re interested. Lighthouse Bookstore

Darren and I at Hutch Lake

Love Life – I reconnected with an old friend who is now my wonderful, amazing boyfriend. He is so great! And I am soooooo happy! 🙂

Spiritual Life – I started really meditating and practicing living in the moment. I also started writing a book! And it’s almost finished, at least, it’s almost ready for other people to read and give their opinions on! It helped me grow quite a bit, as I had to really think about what I believe and how to communicate that! And how to help others as much as possible (the book is about overcoming your skeletons from the past).

What an amazing year! Click on the pics for larger versions. Take care everybody!