Beware the Halloween Sugar!

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I’ll say it straight up – I am not a big fan of Halloween. There are many reasons, but the latest and most compelling is due to a theory that I have -that Halloween is the direct cause of the dreaded cold and flu season that is just getting into full swing! You see, sugar, especially refined sugar, shuts down the immune system, and so when our society as a whole starts consuming huge amounts of it, it’s no wonder that illnesses pass between us quickly and linger longer than if we stayed away from the powdery white stuff. Problem is, it also can be quite addictive, not unlike other white powers out there.
I am writing this as the trick-or-treating is taking place… I’ve had a few kids ring the doorbell, and poor Eddie runs for cover because he’s terrified of it! But I’m not giving out candy this year. I just can’t contribute to the mass-poisoning of our young people! (Myself, yes, in moderation.) 🙂
If I was a real conspiracy theorist, I’d say that the chocolate companies must be in cohoots with the pharmaceutical companies, especially those that make the flu vaccine…and Hallmark is probably in on it too! But I’m not that hard core!
There’s good news, though, and you needn’t consider yourself doomed to suffer every cold and flu if you’ve been consuming a bit too much sugar (probably in the form of chocolate). From what I’ve read, the answer is to increase your intake of Vitamin C to give your immune system a fighting chance. You see, sugar and vitamin C compete for the same receptor sites on a cell that’s essential to your immune system, and if there’s more sugar than Vitamin C, the sugar wins by majority. So, simply taking Vitamin C (I recommend the timed-release kind) is a huge help! From Earl Mindell’s Vitamin Bible, a good dose is taking 1,000 mg twice a day, with breakfast and dinner, but avoid taking it if you are getting any lab work done (it can change test results). It’s best taken with bioflavonoids (this is included in many versions of the pill) and calcium and magnesium (present in multivitamins). Bioflavonoids are just like the white part of the orange skin. Aspirin apparently increases the excretion rate of Vitamin C, so you need more if you take aspirin. Who knew?!? I am learning a lot reading this section of the Vitamin Bible. Anyways, read up on it more if you plan on taking more than 2,000 mg a day (which is quite safe and a good idea if you keep on with the sugar)!! 4,000 mg is probably not too much. The all-knowing Wikipedia has more info here:
On another note, I think I’m going to make Halloween Eddie’s birthday! After all, he’s a black cat and was born some time in the fall… and this way I can keep track of how old he’s getting! He’s seven now! 🙂 And he’s quite hard to take pictures of, since he seems to absorb all light… 🙂
That’s all from me… so try keep away from the white stuff, or at least keep it in balance, and take the C! Take care everybody!