Why Bad Things Happen to Good People

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I should be in bed sleeping. Or sending important emails, or working on other aspects of this huge project I’m managing, but I just got a flash of insight so clear, I had to blog it.

Why do bad things happen to good people?

Because they expect it to happen.

Watching a mere five minutes of the news will convince you that the world is full of terrible people, all your neighbours are criminals, war is breaking out everywhere, all policemen are corrupt, and Mother Nature is punishing us with natural disasters. And we are all pretty sure we know why — we deserve it.

Here’s an example of how the news has affected a lady I know. The evening news was filled with serious reports about forest fires raging through Slave Lake, a medium-sized town in Northern Alberta. There was a strong wind pushing the fire, causing it to spread faster than they could put it out, at least initially. The whole town, around ten thousand people, were evacuated and a whole neighbourhood, about a third of the town, burned down — a serious situation, even a tragedy. The Premier, being interviewed for the news, looked like he might cry.

One of the first comments I heard this particular lady make was “oh, there will be looting! With all those homes empty, there will be LOOTING!”

What?!? The town is empty! The only people there are fire fighters, and even if there were others around, that is the absolute LAST thing that would happen. I know this town, and it just would not happen. But years of living in a big city, listening to the radio news every hour and watching TV news throughout the day has completey skewed this woman’s view of the world, and also her expectations.

She expects the worse. Wherever she goes, whatever is going on around her, she sees crime, tragedy, illness, and other newsworthy stuff. I’m afraid to say that this is what she will attract into her life, because the Law of Attraction is ALWAYS at work.

You ever heard of the lawyer’s house that gets broken into repeatedly? The woman who continually has car trouble because she is always worried about her car? That man who gets ripped off because he’s always trying to cheat the other guy?

We each get what we THINK about most, especially if there is strong emotion involved, and what we EXPECT. It’s sometimes also what we WANT, but sometimes we get the opposite of what we want because the thinking and expecting are so strong.

Except for today, I have not watched the news for weeks. It’s a good thing, because I am working on focusing only on positive things, and I gotta tell ya, I get courteous drivers around me, holes in the traffic, mostly green lights (but red lights let me check my map or change my music), and I believe it happens because I know it’s possible. It is not only possible, it’s virtually* guaranteed when I focus on good things, and look for the best in people and situations around me. I have started expecting to have days that go smoothly.

Sometimes it’s hard. With the fires in Slave Lake, all I can think of is that this is a chance for our fire fighters and emergency co-ordinators to shine. And shining they are.

* only “virtually” because I’m sill practicing!

I’d love to hear your comments on this!

This Blur Called April

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Wow, I can’t believe it’s been about month since I posted last! What a month it has been!

Fire Conference. I got to go to the fire conference in Peace River! It was a great time, although a lot of work and I’ve never worn BA (breathing aparatus) for that many days in a row. It’s heavy! But when I take it off, I feel so light, it’s wonderful. We got to meet lots of neat people, from other volunteer fire departments across Alberta, as well as some professional fire fighters. It’s great comparing departments and telling stories! At the various training sessions, we learned some new techniques and methods for escaping buildings in a hurry (see photo below) and how to get through a mess of wires. In fact, we learned too much to really go into here! We also helped run the phase 1 flashover chamber, where fire fighters get to see a fire develop to the flashover stage and practice the nozzle technique to prevent the fire from flashing over. It’s neat, and hot. Our job was to restock the chamber once a group was done, i.e. all the fuel was burned. We’d put the BA on, because it was pretty hot and smoky, shovel all the ash and whatever wood was left out, and then put new wood in the burn barrel, MDF sheets on the sides and roof and the back wall of the burn chamber, so that it could be lighted up for the next group. We worked hard, and several of the groups complimented us on how well we ran the chamber. 🙂 After the conference was over, we had the trainer come up to teach us how to use our brand-new phase 2 flashover trainer, which I also got to be a part of — not as an instructor, just to practice. It was great! And really hot! There was so much fire and heat in there, it was unreal. The first time I went in, I was totally overwhelmed by all the things I had to do, it was a blur. The second, third and fourth times, though, I was able to pay attention better. What an experience!

Bailing out of a window onto a ladder
Phase 1 chamber with Phase 2 behind

The York Boat. I’ve been working a LOT on the York boat expedition. Lately, I’ve been doing the trip planning, food planning, as well as buying supplies and getting costumes made. Well, I’m still looking for a seamstress, but I have a few good leads now to follow. Yes, we’ll be decked out in voyageur-type clothing as part of our attempt to be historically accurate! 🙂
The York boat has been taking up a lot of my time and efforts, and although it’s generally great, I get a little discouraged at times. I’m going to blog about this more tomorrow. There are still a couple of spots available for the trip, if you’d like to come (or know someone who would like to join in)! 🙂

The York Boat Factory in Cochrane, Alberta (a pun on York Factory, the Hudson's Bay Company's headquarters for many years)

Check out the rudder on the York Boat! This is one BIG boat!

Check out GeoTourism Canada’s facebook page!