Looking In

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I’ve just had a brain wave, although I am supposed to be going to bed and my brain waving goodnight! Nevertheless, I’ve learned that it’s good to get these things out, and tonight my venue will be my blog!
The wave is this: why do we always look outside ourselves for peace? I could also say, why do we always look outside ourselves for love, or for happiness, or for affirmation? All these things are found within ourselves, yet we often look everywhere but inside! When everything else is stripped away, that’s where peace is. When we realize God created us, and we are amazing and awesome, then we feel loved. Happiness comes only from looking within and living in the moment, choosing to be happy. The external world is the worst place to look for it, because it’s so fickle – sometimes giving it, sometimes holding it in front of us like a carrot, and then yanking it away again. Self-affirmation comes from love and self-assuredness – the right kind of confidence, assertiveness and humility, based in proper self-love and knowing that God/Spirit loves us too.
I think if we spent more time looking inward, we might be a lot happier! But we have to look long enough to get past the little things that bother us, look waaaaay past the petty things we don’t like about ourselves right now, and go deep into the part of us that is only, simply, God’s child, his creation, loved and here on a journey of exploration. We need to disconnect from cares of this world, the busyness of the season, comparing ourselves, complaining about little things and worrying in general. Positivity is the key!
Well, that’s enough ranting… it’s getting late! Love y’all! Take care!