I Never Used to Procrastinate

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I never used to procrastinate. I used to tackle things head-on, and things that didn’t get done were left on the list simply because of lack of time. I was a go-getter. Well, go-getter mixed with please-let-me-sleep-in.

But lately, I’ve been noticing a little procrastination creeping in. What’s that about? I don’t like it. I’ve written about how not to procrastinate! I was an expert. But now…. I just don’t know.

I think going full-tilt all the time prevents procrastination. But who can keep up that pace? I think that’s what happened to me — I decided to take better care of myself and be more balanced, thus throttling back a little on the pace I was keeping. Working 7 days a week was just tiring me out! So rather than burn out completely, I gave myself a few days off. Or the odd evening off.

And then I started fully accepting myself. Realizing I don’t need to DO ANYTHING to be loved. Resting and learning to trust the universe. And this made me lazy.

Ok, not true — I’m not exactly lazy, but compared to how I used to be, I’m just not as productive. And I have my own business to run! I can’t afford to be anything but a go-getter. Can I? On the other hand, going just to be going, working harder and not smarter, is not, uh, smart! And I like this new me!

So I’m still looking for the right balance. Don’t want to be lazy. Too much action and I might burn out. But then again, if I’m doing what I love, I won’t burn out. Hmmmm… so maybe I’m not as inspired as I once was, and don’t love it quite like I did… or maybe I just got a little discouraged when the customers were sparse. That’s normal, right? And discouragement can lead to procrastination, right? For sure.

Well, I’m going to do something about it. A friend of mine, Patty K, had a great idea to help anyone procrastinating on anything. She calls it That One Damned Phone Call. I’m going to join in and get the little push to do something I’ve been procrastinating on! I’ll let y’all know how it goes! If you want to join me, that would be fun… Go check out her page and sign up and we’ll compare notes. πŸ™‚

Peace River Expedition

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Well, I am really starting to get ready for — and excited about — the Peace River Expedition I am leaving on next week.Β  I plan to paddle from the town of Peace River to the hamlet of Fort Vemilion, about 430 km downstream.Β  Perhaps a map would help?

I am really looking forward to it, although I am also wishing I could do the Chinchaga at the same time. We’ve had quite a bit of rain, so it looks like water levels are almost perfect. This is from looking at the water level monitoring done by the Alberta government (here). If you think it’s quite a ways, you’re right. I am giving myself 10 days to paddle it, because along the way I will be exploring and scouting for good campsites, interesting geology, and making lots of notes along the way.Β  πŸ™‚ And taking lots of pictures, which I promise to post here later on! And, yes, I am planning to paddle it alone, but if someone wants to join me, let me know ASAP! I’m not against the idea, I just realize that it’s quite a lot of time (when most people only have 2 or 3 weeks vacation). I’m planning on starting on July 6th.

The bridge near Fort Vermilion... when I see this, I'll almost be done!! πŸ™‚

When I get back, I expect to hit the ground running (after showering and soaking in the hot tub!), as High Level is hosting the Little League Baseball tournament, so there will be lots of extra people in town looking for fun things to do!Β  πŸ™‚ I will have an insert in the coach’s package, so everyone will know about the canoeing opportunities!

Sorry if this post seems a little hurried… I can’t find the time for frequent posting here these days (you may have noticed) with the business to run and all!Β  πŸ™‚Β  You can see what I have been up to on the Flow North website here and here and here.

The Business of Letting Go

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I have been so busy, getting my new business up and running and ready for the summer… but I’ve learned a few things along the way that I just wanted to quickly share.

You don’t have to be cut-throat to be in business. Perhaps this is no surprise to you, but I think that many of us have the idea (taught to us consciously, or picked up subconsciously through the media) that you have to be shrewd, calculating, cut-throat, and generally unkind to be a businessperson. I have found this to be untrue. Because the businessperson stereotype is strong, I have to remind myself often that kind, generous, organized people are the best businesspeople of all. I think of what I learned at Steve Pavlina‘s Conscious Growth Workshop, about the principle of Oneness — a combination of Truth and Love, and for me, that means working towards a business and solutions that are good for everyone. The overarching goal of my business is to make is possible for people to explore the wilderness and the water that I love!

One of my friends also has this figured out. KB from is creating amazing videos — and offering them completely free — just to help others and contribute to making the world a more loving place. This is her latest one and after watching it, you really may want to start yoga, not as an exercise, but as a way to connect to your Spirit and improve your intuition! πŸ™‚

Letting go works better than clamping down. I can occasionally get a little “type A personality” about things, and I’ve noticed that when I do, I tend to clamp down on things, with the attitude that grinding through them is what needs to be done. Grinding through them doesn’t work though — I just get tense, frazzled, stop breathing deeply, and it takes me longer to get the task done, and then I might have to redo it anyways because something in my business model changes. But if I say “this is where I will start” and then start it with an attitude of letting go — letting the inspiration come, letting the work flow out of me — then I am efficient, effective, and I do the best thing. When you have a lot of things to do, it can become paralyzing trying to decide where to start. When I stay open and relaxed, I do the best thing and sure enough, a day or two later, I find out that it’s exactly what I needed to do. Someone will call me and voila! — I’ll have all the answers for them because I did that work yesterday or the day before. It’s pretty cool when that happens!

So I challenge you to think about how you picture businesspeople, and what stereotypes we have. I am a businessperson now; am I heartless and calculating? Only when I have my calculator out. πŸ™‚

A beautiful evening on Footner Lake

Big, New Idea

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We are having the most amazing indian summer here right now, and I hate to be stuck at the computer – or at work, and of course I am working 10 days in a row! – because all I want to do is be outside! The leaves are starting to change colours, and it’s been so nice and warm (reaching 25 degrees C the last few days), Footner LakeI just feel like it’s the last chance of the year to enjoy summer! Darren and I went paddling on Sunday morning, which was awesome, but I would love to go every day.Β  πŸ™‚

But no, I’m stuck at the keyboard, researching, writing, figuring, designing… And what have I been steadily working on for the last couple of weeks (hence not much blogging)? My paddling business! That’s right, I am starting my own business, which I’m naming Flow North Paddling Company. After deciding on the name, I designed the logo (see below) and I’m currently working on the webpage. My plan was to start this up next spring, but a couple of weeks ago I realized that it would be best to have a booth at the Trade Show to promote it now, even if everything’s not quite ready, just to let people know that I’ll be starting up in spring. But man, it’s been an accelerated path, trying to get everything done. Big sign ordered – check. Business cards being printed – check. Plan for the booth? Working on it…

So what made me want to start my own paddling company, you might be asking! I often hear people say that we have such nice rivers and great wilderness, but no one’s doing anything to promote it. Since I love paddling and think it would be awesome to be paid to do that, I decided to go for it. Through Flow North, you’ll be able to rent a canoe or kayak(s), go out on a river or lake for a day, or a week, and see the amazing scenery around here. Lots of wildlife, too, and not just bears! Everyone thinks of bears – usually in fear – but forgets the beavers, birds, geese, ducks, moose, deer, even elk and bison. I love paddling and just wanted to share that love and make it possible for people to get out there and enjoy the water. Local people can just rent the boat (and paddle, bailer, PFD if needed, and whistle) and put it on their own vehicle and go for the day, or I can meet tourists at a spot along a river with the boats and all the supplies they’ll need for a 2 week trip! I flow-north-logoget so excited thinking about it! I’m researching dried foods that taste yummy and are filling. I’m looking at maps and calculating distances on rivers. I’ve been contemplating marketing and practical things, like where I’ll store the boats. And I decided early on that I wouldn’t get into guided trips, because a) I don’t feel like an uber-qualified paddle master, and b) none of the water around here is particularly tricky, as long as you’ve been in a canoe or kayak before. If not, you can come a day early and get a quick course and away you go. I want to review safety things with people, but don’t feel I need to physically go with every group. Especially if I give each overnight group a SPOT GPS device! They are so cool! All you do is press the “I’m ok” button and it transmits to a satellite which relays the message to whoever you set up as your contacts, so your friends or family can track where you are. If you need help, you press “help” and if you need 9-1-1 rescue, there’s a button for that too. So, that makes me feel a LOT better about paddling in the middle of nowhere (just south of it, actually) and sending boat renters out onto these great wilderness rivers.

So I had it all pretty much figured out. Renting, outfitting, no guiding. And then, one day driving home from work, I had a real brainwave! Why not offer a buddy service to single women who want to paddle! I remember being single and wanting to do things… and sometimes trying to find someone to go along, and sometimes just going by myself because there was no one to go with. Usually, I would have preferred to have someone to go with, and for people who are nervous about being in the bush (in bear country), I can go along and offer support! I will make it clear I’m no fancy qualified guide, although I will take wilderness first aid and some other courses, but I’m willing and able to offer my experience paddling and camping, and company in general. Being in the bush by oneself is a little spooky, I know. So now I’m uber-excited about this business and the adventures that will follow! You know me, I’m all about the adventures!

To summarize, through my company, you’ll be able to:

  • rent a boat (for a day, or a few days, or a week or a few weeks)
  • get dropped off at the beginning and picked up at the end of your trip (important for river paddling!)
  • use a SPOT GPS to let others know where you are and, in the worst case scenario, if you need help
  • rent supplies like cooking stoves or tents if you need them
  • order meal supplies, packed and ready for your trip, with cooking instructions included! (And most of it will be homemade.)
  • take me along on a trip if you’re all alone and nervous about wilderness paddling! (Women only, sorry guys.)

Isn’t that great?!? I am so excited about it (perhaps you can tell!), and I know I’m really going to enjoy doing this! I have a few crazy ideas for marketing, and hope to connect with Europeans who want to explore Canada. More on that another time. But anyways, I’ll announce my webpage when it’s ready (should have something by Friday, in time for the Trade Show). Ack! I have a lot of work to do!

Please, even if you’ve never done so before, leave a comment and let me know what you think of my idea! I’m looking for input, ideas, feedback, whatever! Thanks!