Rupert and the Gang

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I thought it was high time for some new photos of the alpacas and their antics!

Rupert is growing quite well, and he is officially 2 months old now! Here’s a cute one from when he was only a few days old, wearing a coat. I put it on him when there was rain in the forecast and I knew his momma would want to graze outside. He didn’t wear the coat for very many days and when it got sunny again, I took it off him — probably the day I took this photo!

What a guy! This is Pigpen’s coat because he really needed it last winter!

I will never tire of little cria! 🙂

And here’s a more recent photo… Doesn’t he look bigger and older? And BLONDER!

Have you seen Fozzie and his gang, hanging around the pool on a hot summer day?

From left to right, Alex, Frankie, Fozzie (in the pool), Boeing and Ziggy

And then other times, they just graze! It is actually pretty hard to get a photo of them all together, because they love to spread out all over the yard.

And for those who are wondering, haying is generally going well! We did lots of loose hay and then put the baler in service, after some adjustments, and made some small bales. So far, so good! We have just cut some more and if the forecast holds true, we should be able to make some more bales.

Take care, everyone! Hope you are getting enough time outdoors these days!