Want to Write and Self-Publish a Book?

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I’ve been working on some aspects of my writing and getting my books out to the world more. This equals marketing, which is not something I’m naturally attracted to doing. I could say I have found myself procrastinating on this, but I don’t like labels! 🙂

I thought it might be helpful to those of you who are interested in self-publishing to share some resources I have found lately. For those new to this blog, I should say I’ve self-published 8 non-fiction books to date! But I am always looking to learn more about the process. 🙂

The Creative Penn

Joanna Penn is a MONSTER in self-publishing! She has written countless books, both fiction and non-fiction, and is really interested in helping others. She has a website full of resources and a podcast I’ve also been enjoying. Everything else I’m going to mention in this blog post came from her suggestions! I really enjoyed the episode about “Going Wide for the Win” which talks about publishing in as many places and ways as possible. After listening to this episode, I no longer feel paralyzed and overwhelmed; I am so much more inspired and empowered to get my books out on more platforms. After all, I wrote them for others to read!

E-books – Draft 2 Digital

I’ve made it a personal goal to get ALL my books into ebook format before the end of March. I have been working on it since January and it’s coming along. There are several services that take care of ebook creation and distribution, and I have settled on Draft 2 Digital. They even have a print option, although they do not have as many different book sizes available as other print-on-demand printers, such as, which is the printer I have been using. I find has some pretty hefty fees, however, so I am looking at my options. For ebooks, I think Draft 2 Digital is great, but by all means, do your own research.

By the way, getting your own ISBN is VERY easy in Canada! Go to this page in Library and Archives Canada, start an account and then start requesting ISBNs. It isn’t hard and it’s totally free. If you have created a publishing company, great. If not, you can publish under your own name too. You need to request a unique ISBN for every format of every book. For example, my latest book Forging Sisterhood in the Frozen North will eventually have 4 ISBNs – one for the paperback (which is already out), one for the large print version, one for the ebook, and one for the audiobook.

Audio Books – Find a Way Voices

Audio books are crazy popular. There used to be only one way to distribute them (, but thanks to Find a Way Voices, there are now other options. I am not a fan of monopolies, so I was glad to learn about Find a Way Voices! If you think you might ever create an audio book, be sure to check them out. Can you believe I recorded myself reading Love Your Skeletons years ago, and I still haven’t done anything with it!?! It’s embarrassing. Like I said, I was procrastinating and feeling unsure of how to start.

Need some motivation?

If you are serious about writing a book and want someone to check in with you on your progress, I would love to do this for you. Having an accountability partner who checks in with you is a great way to actually finish something you have started. Please contact me and we’ll make it happen. 🙂