Remodelling Large Houses

I have taken an interest in tiny houses, and after the housing market crash in the States, I thought that all those large houses with failed mortgages could be remodelled so that two or three families could live in them! So, here are some adapted floor plans, just to get you thinking.

Award Winning Home Plan

This is a really nice house design! I decided to tackle it as a remodel because it looked like a good challenge. The original plans are here: Architectural Designs

big house-front

big house-back

Original floor plans

big house floorplan- original main floor

big house floorplan- original lower floor

And here are my adaptations.

From the outside, there is only one change, and for interior, I have tried to keep the remodelling fairly simple. Items such as walls, door, or appliances to be added are in red. I have used white to block out some text and to indicate where walls would need to be opened up (for the addition of a door or to open up a room). Click any image to see it full size.

big house floorplan-main floor

This house would hold three small families. Couple #1 would be a child-free couple (retirees perhaps?) using the original kitchen and great room, and couple #2 would either have no children, or by converting the huge walk-in closet into a bedroom, we could make room for one or two. These two families share the front door, but with more extensive remodelling, a second door could be created, or couple #1 could use the patio doors as their entrance (from the outdoor kitchen into the nook) or the door from garage-1. A family of 2+ children would live in the lower level, which is a walk-out basement. A set of steps lead down to the entrance (in yellow), and then more steps lead to the lower level. There are two doors in the “theatre” where the kids can head outside to play. If desired, one of these doors could become the entrance and the stairwell area could be reclaimed and used as a dining area. The lower level also has two areas of “unfinished basement” that the family could use as they wish.

big house floorplan-lower floor

If you would like to suggest a floor plan for me to convert, post a comment on this post and send me a link! 🙂

Tiny Houses

I love tiny houses! They are so interesting, and I’ve been sketching floor plans like a maniac for a while now. Here are just a few (click for larger).

This layout (see below) is on a 15′ trailer. The door is on the right side, and there is a ladder to access the loft. This was one of my early designs, and I can see that I probably should have made the loft bigger and rotated the bed 90 degrees. 🙂

tiny house-15

This one is also 15′ long, but I use a staircase-shelf to get to the loft above (seen on left side of layout). It also has a hip roof instead of an ordinary peaked roof. Hip roofs are more aerodynamic, which is a consideration when building on a trailer.
Layout similar to the one above, but with a hip roof

This one is on a gooseneck trailer. This allows for a multi-level design, and an extension over the hitch gives a bit of extra space. It has a barn-style (gambrel) roof which curves downward for improved aerodynamics. The kitchen is built in under the steps and the loft bedroom is over the bathroom and part of the kitchen.
My own take on a gooseneck trailer design

I am so intrigued by tiny houses built in school buses (or tour buses)! This one has 27-feet of interior space. School buses do have a few constraints — limited headroom and limited insulation — or else you have to get very creative! The design on the right is an alternate layout for part of the bus — the rear (top part of the drawing) portion would stay the same.
Tiny house layout in a 27' long bus


One thought on “Remodelling Large Houses

    Jim said:
    December 18, 2016 at 11:23 am

    My mother did this. She had binders full of drawings of HER house building plans.
    Always way more practical then the layouts in the house building magazines.

    Men should not be architects. They put too much thought into impressing the neighbors and not enough into making a space practical.

    Women are nesters, men are strutters.

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