The Last Months in Sudbury

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Well, continuing on in the saga… which I swear is all true! The last months in Sudbury were completely insane. Part of that was due to my insanely fun job at Science North, but also the insane pace of my personal life, combined with the pressure to pack and move – yikes.

Many of you know about working at Science North… I was a Staff Scientist, the astronomer, and had approximately 100 things to do in the last month or so of work. I did my best to do them all, but realized with about 2 weeks to go that it was not all going to get done. This is the only way to finish something at Science North – to leave the place!! Anyhow, highlights of my last month include a trip to Moosonee to run summer camp up there. It was great! Moosonee is a different community, that’s for sure, due to its remoteness and sheltered life. On the train they told us “the only way in to Moosonee is by train, plane or canoe.” Hmm… canoe, eh? Shipping all our camp boxes by train proved to be quite a challenge (one of the things I was responsible for), and we did quite a bit of improvising! The crew I went with were the best: “the Weaver,” Jennifer C, Nicole D, Sean G. We had a blast – except for the first day, trying to find somewhere to cool off and swim, and only finding rather dead-fishy-smelly-muddy water! It was almost 40 degrees! And then there were the blackflies and mosquitos… Jennifer’s view on bug bites: “Oh, I just scratch them. Life’s too short to be itchy all the time.” And the teacher helping us, Shannon, was the best, too. Most of the kids were great and were SO glad we were there. So, between the craziness of regular Science North work and the camp season, the last month was nuts.

Then there’s my personal life – don’t worry, I won’t get too personal! I had been producing/hosting/writing/editing the All Nations Family News since I started it in November. So, I was in the process of handing all the work over to my good friend Everest, but there was still quite a bit of work to be done, including a last-minute photo-shoot (oh, geez, I sound like a model – I’m not!)! The photo shoot was for historical reasons, to show where we used to film the show, etc. I could not have survived the last few months without his help, and I’m glad he was looking after things in the end!! And the News kept getting more complicated – new computer system, new camera, new editing styles/techniques – but the quality also went up greatly and people started really getting something out of it. So, all that work was worthwhile (as it usually is)!!

That was my life leading up to my departure from Sudbury – very little down time, a little time for friends, rehearsals and a little kayaking, but overall, I had a lot of demands on my time and not very much time left! Trying to sort things, give things away, pack, ship, visit people, say good byes, do a few fun things, relax?!?!

Read on…. 🙂

The Adventure Begins…

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Well, this adventure started when I decided to move back out west. It was an easy decision, at the time, since I missed my family and didn’t really have anything keeping me in Sudbury. Yes, a job, but there are other jobs. Yes, some great friends, but I have friends in Alberta too! In Alberta, I have family – parents, sisters, a very cute niece and nephew, grandparents, cousins… all of whom I had not seen in quite some time! So, the decision made, I then decided that I would probably have to switch careers to do it.

What to do? Run away and join the rodeo? (This is the western version of the circus.) Become a high school science teacher? (This is just another form of rodeo, with less horses, but plenty of bull.) World-travelling grenade-dodging journalist? (Lisa Laflamme might need some company.) Sound engineer or techie? (Neat program for worship music stuff at Briarcrest.) Pursue radio work, or worse yet, television hosting? (This did actually cross my mind as there is Christian TV in Alberta.) Alas, I think I had enough of cameras while hosting All Nations Family News! I had always been interested in Air Traffic Control (ATC), so I looked into Nav Canada (the company with the exclusive contract to Transport Canada). I decided I might like Flight Service Specialist more than ATC.

So, I applied. What can it hurt, right? I prayed, “God, let me know if you want me to do this. The aptitude test is hard, so if you want me to do this, you will have to help me pass it!” And He did! So then, a similar prayer for the interview; and I did well enough on that, too. So, I guess I am suited for it after all, and God is helping me, so here I go! Off to the west!

More on this story in the next posting! (I can’t give it to you all at once!!) 🙂

Welcome to my blog…

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Welcome to Adventures with Teresa! I thought this might work better than trying to e-mail a hundred people, afraid that I might miss someone… looking for all the addresses… and you’re all so important to me! So, you can check back here whenever you want, and add comments if you like, and of course you can send e-mail to me and let me know what’s going on with you in your life! And then I’ll reply to your e-mail directly, just like the good ol’ days! I make no promises whatsoever about how often I may update this blog, and advise you to read at your own risk! (You always take your chances with my sense of humour!!)