I’ve written and published a few books you may enjoy reading!

Forging Sisterhood in the Frozen North

My latest book is the story of the time I walked 100 km in the arctic with a group of awesome women! You have to read it!

Tiny Books on Big Ideas

My Tiny Books on Big Ideas are available now! They really are small and packed with wisdom and inspiration. You can buy them individually, or all together in Tiny Books on Big Ideas, Volume 1

York Boat Captain

And then there was the time I helped build a giant wooden boat and took it on an expedition… That was fun!

Love Your Skeletons

Order my first book, Love Your Skeletons, through, or It’s a helpful guide to moving beyond the hurts and embarrassing moments of the past.

Paddling the Peace River

Looking for peace and tranquility on a remote Canadian river that won’t kill you? You might like my free paddling guide for the Peace River, in northern Alberta.

Free ebook! How to Finish Something – Six Tips for Getting the Job Done.

How to Finish Something – Six Tips for Getting the Job Done.

In 15 short pages, I give 6 main tips for finishing:
– odd jobs around the house that are half-done
– term papers or projects that have definite deadlines
– long-term goals, such as pursuing post-secondary degrees or certifications
– any project that’s lingering or that you’re procrastinating on

This is a short-but-awesome ebook to give you some tools and ideas to help you finish whatever you are working on. I’ve kept it short because, let’s face it, we’re all busy people. In some ways, this ebook is just like a longer-than-normal blog post, so if you’ve been a blog reader of mine for a while, you’ll recognize the way it’s written. I’m sure you’ll find it both practical and inspirational!

This ebook is free, but if you’d like, you can leave a donation.

Download it here

…and then make a donation! (The top of the donation page will say “Flow North Paddling Company,” because that’s my company!)

Click here to make a $5.00 donation:donate $5
Click here to enter your own amount:donate any amount

Thank you very much!

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