Searching for Bliss When it’s Hard to Find

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The catchphrase to “seek your own bliss” became popular a while ago, and it sounds great… but what does it mean?

If we seek our OWN bliss, it might mean “be your own person” or “don’t follow the crowd” and do something you enjoy. It could also mean don’t worry about anyone else’s bliss. Focus on your own.

If we focus on SEEKING our own bliss, it might mean that we should never give up until we find happiness, which implies that it is elusive. Things that are sought after — the past tense of seek — are generally hard to find or take years to earn. So, some people think that seeking your own bliss is not easy.

If we focus on the BLISS part of “seek your own bliss,” then it really gets interesting. How does one find bliss? What does it look like, or feel like? Most of us think only certain situations are blissful — a sunny day at the beach, playing a song you love, indulging in your favourite food/drink, achieving a lifelong dream or whatever else you think is blissful!

Bliss is actually not tied to a physical situation or activity at all. I don’t have to be anywhere in particular, doing anything in particular, or with certain people in oder to feel blissful. For me, bliss comes easily when I do two things: relax, and remember to be lighthearted. I immediately feel blissful, no matter what I am doing. I actually felt blissful today after I got the swather stuck in the field! And equally blissful when I pulled it out with the tractor and got it unstuck!!

So, as you go about your day, with tractors and whatnot 😀 why not relax a bit and stop taking yourself so seriously? Stop taking life so seriously! Despite how it may appear, it is ALL going to work out just fine. Nothing can damage your soul. Hardship need not be painful. We don’t need to fear anything. Relax a little — take a few slow breaths and come back to the present — and remember that a light heart is a blissful one.

Love you all! Keep doing what you’re doing. You’re doing great!

I just remembered that my friend Rose McInerney produces a magazine and one of the issues was “Bliss.” You might want to go have a look!  🙂Bliss Womanscape magazine

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