News on the Farm — We Have Alpacas!

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I just don’t know how time flies so quickly, but it does! We have been busy on the farm, but not insanely so… still, the pace of life is quick enough that May zipped by and June went by at mach-3! So, I am a couple of weeks late with our very exciting news about buying two very sweet alpacas! Fozzie and Uki Fozzie and Uki-2 Aren’t they cute?! We found them on Kijiji, and they were a very good price, so we took the leap and bought them! We have SO MUCH GRASS and the place where they were had very little pasture, so it was a match made in heaven. The lady we bought them from said they were a year old, and from two different farms. She had bought them at the Tofield auction mart exotic sale. They were fairly shy at first. The dark one is named Fozzie (yes, after the muppet — do you see all his wool?!?) and the pale one is a female named Uki (after Japanese anime). Fozzie will come up to just outside arm’s reach, but Uki won’t come close at all. Their fibre and bangs were so long, they desperately needed a trim, so the next blog post will be about taking them to be sheared! That was an adventure in itself, and we got some exciting news that day, too!


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