Ode to an Old Cell Phone

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cell phone1Your tiny screen,
Your many keys,
Your profile in curves…
Your beauty does not compare
To devices modern or flashy.
Your analog signal and extendable antenna
Gave me comfort on many a long night,
For you were eager to flip open,
Always there for me.
Oh how I tapped your buttons!
To spell out the simplest messages,
I tapped and tapped!
Such great times we had together,
As we discovered the joys of text messaging!
How we laughed together!
How we sighed together!
cell phone2But we couldn’t check our email together.
Nor could we browse,
Post Facebook updates,
Or play games…
Yet life was like a game with you at my side.
Sure, I left you places,
I forgot to charge you,
But never did I drop you, and you rewarded me
With seven glorious years of dedicated service.
I didn’t like when people laughed at you —
They didn’t know what we had been through together.
They hadn’t seen the things we’d seen.
How you would take lovely, grainy photos,
And how I kept them to myself —
Precious secrets treasured, never shared.
Oh, the special times we had,
Of joy, and peace and communication!
How I will miss your flipping action,
cell phone3And never will I blame you for my thumb getting arthritis.
For you were only being yourself,
Your glorious, silver self.
No more will I press your buttons and
Extend your antenna,
Yet ever will I remember you,
My old Sanyo cell phone.


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