Caution: Tough Times Ahead

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I saw this sign today, while I was out on a walk:

Caution, steep hill ahead sign, chains required, monitor LADD1

Wouldn’t it be nice if life were like that? The sign could say something like CAUTION: TOUGH TIMES AHEAD. COPING TOOLS REQUIRED. MONITOR INTUITION.” But then again, maybe it’s better that we don’t know that things are going to be tough, that the marriage we just celebrated would be the hardest thing to endure, or that our child might get sick and die. Yes, I definitely think it’s better that we don’t know.

On the other hand, perhaps we would still be wise to prepare for hard times. What if we took a little better care of ourselves so that we are stronger people? What if we developed some tools for coping with stress, or ways to deal with frustration and anger?* We would certainly do well to learn how to listen to our intuition so that we can hear its guidance and benefit from its bird’s-eye-view of our lives.

Just some things to think about as we continue on this journey that is life — this road with its blind corners, black ice, and steep hills. Chains might be required for trucks, but for us, freedom is the key! What can I do to be more free? Personally, I still have a ways to go to care less what other people think… to be ruled by the compass, not the clock (as Steven Covey says, to follow your own True North)… to live more fully in the moment and want to be more free…

steep hill sign2
And for anyone who’s curious, the sign is near Wrigley, NWT, where the winter road (ice road) heads north!

*I have a whole chapter in my book Love Your Skeletons on what to do about anger. 🙂


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