Farewell York Boat

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It’s hard to believe it’s been over a month since I came off the water from the York boat expedition. Time flies! I’ve been wanting to blog about it for weeks, but the trip was so amazing, it is difficult to put into words. I spent a couple of days after it was over at home, barely even aware of where I was, I was daydreaming so much. I was continually slipping away into the past, remembering things that happened on the boat.

All of us on the crew got along amazingly well, and we’ve formed such strong friendships. We were each other’s only friends, family, soul mates and work mates for 18 days — two days longer for the crew members who helped prepare beforehand. It was a bit of an adjustment getting used to having other people around, and although we did have people visit us along the way, we ate, worked, joked, and slept together all the time, so we became very connected. Some of it was the phenomena of bonding in a crisis, but most of it was simply kindred spirits living in pure friendship and adventure.

So, as always, life goes on. Everyone went back to their old jobs, or started new ones, and I’m back at juggling multiple projects, running my business, and volunteering. Ideas abound — some relating to the use of the York boat and some unrelated — and I am trying to decide which ones to follow up on and which to leave alone for now. Some times it’s tricky living in the present, because I still wish I could go back to those fun, inspiring times.

I will leave you with a few pictures of our trip! There are plenty more on the Flow North blog – York Boat Photo of the Day! Enjoy!


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