Letting Go and Trusting

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For those of you who don’t know, I did quite a bit of solo kayaking last summer. On my longest trip, on about the 4th or 5th day, I started to really connect with my intuition. The serene surroundings, my solitude and meditative paddling all contributed to my ability to really hear what my intuition was trying to tell me. I got two very clear messages:


I’ve got those two words posted somewhere that I see them often, but, like everyone, I still forget at times what’s really important in life.

Trust. At the time this came through, it meant trust the river. Trust that the water will carry me. Trust that even if I have to take the longer route around the curve, it will work out fine. Trust that it won’t be too shallow. Trust that I’m not going to tip — trust that nothing bad is going to happen. Since this original message came through, this has expanded into trusting the Universe. Trusting that many, many things are happening for me, for my benefit, and not for any harm. Trusting that there is a Spirit that guides me. But mostly, it’s trusting that whatever I didn’t get done today won’t turn out to be a problem tomorrow.

That last one kind of brings it down to Earth, doesn’t it? Trusting that whatever I didn’t get done today — sometimes, it’s a BIG list — won’t turn out to be a problem tomorrow. I have so much on the go right now, that this is where I’m learning to trust. Trusting that I’ll be able to catch all the balls I’m juggling, and if I don’t catch one, it’ll be okay.

Hand-in-hand with trusting, is letting go. I never feel like I’m trusting the Universe when I’m desperately clinging to some idea of what I was supposed to get done today. And usually feeling like I didn’t get enough done. I don’t feel very trusting when I’m frantically trying to reach people on the phone or hoping that this-or-that person I emailed with reply soon. So, I am learning to let go. And I’ve realized that there are three ways, for me, anyway, that I can do that.

First, I can fling whatever-I’m-clinging-to away in frustration and/or anger. You’ll probably agree that this is not really letting go. It’s not very productive, either, and I don’t usually do this. I don’t think I’ve ever really done this, but I’ve seen others do it. It’s an act of frustration, either because the person is not getting their way, or because he/she is overwhelmed with self-pity. It’s message is “I can’t do this! I give up!”

Secondly, and the main way that I realized that I tend to operate, is the “que sera, sera” method of letting go. It’s comes from a lower level of frustration, and says “well, fine then. I’ve done what I can. Whatever happens now, happens.” It’s quite resigned, and not a very helpful or productive way to let go either. I’m basically saying that I give up and I’m not optimistic that this is really going to work out very well, but I did what I could. So there must be a better way of letting go.

I just realized all of this the other day. The best way of letting go of something is to do so hopefully, by renewing my trust of the Universe again. With peace in my heart. Things ARE going to work out! There is NO higher power out to get me. I have NOTHING to fear. Clinging to a to-do list, or an outcome, is just being small.

And I’m not here to be small. I’m here to expand, and expanding, I am!

I’m doing pretty well at the second message: Enjoy!

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