Always Changing

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It just struck me tonight, while walking home among the snowy slush, trickling water and puddles as the last colours of the setting sun faded in the northwest… Nothing is static; everything is always changing. Winter felt like it was never going to end, but it did! Now all that snow is changing into water, and the wind is causing that water to evaporate. As vapour, it can go anywhere and be a part of anything — now that it’s been liberated from the snowbank on my lawn.

I learned the incredible fact that nerves and muscles have memory, yet, it occurs to me that the cells that make up my biceps right now are not the same cells that learned how to do something 3 months ago. Our whole bodies are continually regenerating, continually growing new cells to replace the old ones that die. We think we are concrete, physical things, that our bodies are hard to change, but they aren’t. We don’t ever need to worry about toxicity, for example, because as long as we stop consuming the chemical in question, our body will get rid of what ever we once put in it. If we do just a little physical activity every day, what we teach those muscles and nerves to do gets somehow, mystically, passed on to the next generation of cells that grow. So that I can teach my body to do whatever I want to, and it really is a very quick learner. When I worked out today, I was able to do a stabilizing move that I’ve only done twice before — the first time very poorly — really quite well! I did it over and over again, and wasn’t very shaky or tired at all.

So, just putting that out there to ponder. And hey, you don’t worry when you eat Kraft dinner! That bright orange colour won’t stay with you — your body will get it out! 🙂


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