Love What You Do

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Do you love what you do? Almost everyone has times when they don’t love or enjoy what they have to do… but when you feel like this the majority of the time, what can you do?

Whenever you become aware that you aren’t enjoying what you’re doing, when you “own” your unhappiness, ask yourself these two questions:

1. Why am I doing it then? If you’re doing it out of obligation, why? Who are you putting before yourself? If you’re doing it out of fear — for example, you’re afraid you won’t be able to pay the bills otherwise — why? Face your fears and see if they have a leg to stand on. They probably don’t. Can you simply stop doing it? Can you replace what you don’t enjoy with something you do?

You might think the next question is “why do I hate it so much?” or “how can I stop doing it?” but it isn’t. You can analyze why you hate the thing so much, but that isn’t really helpful. You can fantasize about how you could stop doing it — so many people do this about jobs they hate! — but that’s not very productive either. So… in case there are things you can’t get out of doing, the second question is this:

2. How can I enjoy it? Have I lost touch with the present moment so much that I simply hate everything? Am I just annoyed with life? What can I do to help myself enjoy this thing? Maybe I need some time off, period. Maybe I need some alone time. Maybe I need to do more fun things. Maybe I need to remember what’s important in life. Have I lost sight of the million things I have to be grateful for? Why am I resisting my situation? Can I make this work into play? If yes, then great! If no, then you really should figure out how to do something you enjoy instead.

In our society, it’s pretty much accepted that we all have to do things we don’t like. It’s considered normal. Well, it isn’t. We should be able to live happy lives, enjoying everything we do… that’s how it should be. If you’re unhappy, it’s not a bad thing — it will lead you to make changes and grow. All your experiences and feelings are good and ultimately they serve you one way or another, but why not be happy now!

Do what feels right or good; don’t do what doesn’t feel right or good. Your feelings are your compass. Abraham has lots to say about this, so I hope you enjoy these videos!

And here’s a nice short one! Enjoy!

One thought on “Love What You Do

    Denis said:
    January 9, 2011 at 3:53 pm

    Wonderful, Teresa! Both your writing and the observation that even after a really long time of not talking to you I can still see and feel how and why we resonate, at least from my point of view 🙂

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