Peace River Expedition

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Well, I am really starting to get ready for — and excited about — the Peace River Expedition I am leaving on next week.  I plan to paddle from the town of Peace River to the hamlet of Fort Vemilion, about 430 km downstream.  Perhaps a map would help?

I am really looking forward to it, although I am also wishing I could do the Chinchaga at the same time. We’ve had quite a bit of rain, so it looks like water levels are almost perfect. This is from looking at the water level monitoring done by the Alberta government (here). If you think it’s quite a ways, you’re right. I am giving myself 10 days to paddle it, because along the way I will be exploring and scouting for good campsites, interesting geology, and making lots of notes along the way.  🙂 And taking lots of pictures, which I promise to post here later on! And, yes, I am planning to paddle it alone, but if someone wants to join me, let me know ASAP! I’m not against the idea, I just realize that it’s quite a lot of time (when most people only have 2 or 3 weeks vacation). I’m planning on starting on July 6th.

The bridge near Fort Vermilion... when I see this, I'll almost be done!! 🙂

When I get back, I expect to hit the ground running (after showering and soaking in the hot tub!), as High Level is hosting the Little League Baseball tournament, so there will be lots of extra people in town looking for fun things to do!  🙂 I will have an insert in the coach’s package, so everyone will know about the canoeing opportunities!

Sorry if this post seems a little hurried… I can’t find the time for frequent posting here these days (you may have noticed) with the business to run and all!  🙂  You can see what I have been up to on the Flow North website here and here and here.


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