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I came across this on the net — perhaps it was emailed to me — and just had to share it! Isn’t it the cutest?!? I’d love to know the story behind it…

I’m not sure what I love about it so much…. They are absolutely adorable with their little striped faces! But it’s more than that — they’re doing what they were born to do, and doing it vigorously! Can’t you just imagine their little webbed feet paddling along? And they don’t seem upset that their water isn’t very big — they’re just happy to be swimming!

Is it just me, or do they look confident, like they have some kind of secret? 🙂 A little more research says that they were rescued by a canoeist who saw them — they had been washed out to sea. The photo is by Richard Austin.

In other news… Last night, Darren and I finished the webpage for my book, Love Your Skeletons. Go on over and check it out. I’ll be adding a blog and podcast component later on… now to finish the layout! And buy some canoes! (Which I made a good contact for this weekend, so I am excited!)

Thanks, Darren for all your help! And thanks, Merri, for your endorsement!

That’s all for now — have a great day everybody!


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