More Paddling Adventures

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Just thought I’d drop a quick line on the latest paddling adventures. My sister-in-law and her 2 kids were visiting us last week, so Darren loaded up the canoe and took them to Footner Lake. They are pretty little (6 and 8 yrs old), but both had paddles (kayak paddles split in half) and were helping in the boat. Their dog, a small bijon-poodle cross, was along for the ride and behaved well; at one point, he was even sitting on the bow, calmly enjoying the ride. I guess he didn’t know that at any moment, one of the girls could cause a major upset and he’d be swimming!  🙂 But it all went smoothly and everyone had fun.

And then my sister and her 2 kids arrived! So, we had a house full! We wanted to take my niece and nephew out paddling too — they are older (8 and 11), and my nephew was positively bent on fishing, too. So, we put the canoe on one car, and the rack and the 2 kayaks on the other car. There were 5 of us after all, so we needed all 3 boats! (I’m so glad we bought them!) My sis and I went out in the kayaks first, with a little help from Darren to stabilize the boats while we climbed in. The dock at Footner is so high, you have to step down into the kayaks, which is brutal. We might make a shorter dock that can just be added onto the side of the main one. The dock is meant for float planes — which we’ve seen lately at the lake — and it’s perfect for them. Anyway, my sis had never been kayaking, so I gave her a lesson and away we went. She did great and seemed to really enjoy herself. Then my niece wanted to go, so we went back to the dock and did the boat switcheroo. I took the larger kayak and my niece the smaller one. She’s only 11, and probably weighs 80 lbs soaking wet — which we didn’t get, thankfully! — and she did great, too. She kept up really well and we went almost as far as before the switcheroo.  🙂 I think she enjoyed kayaking, too. There’s something about having your own boat, that you alone are responsible for, that is so rewarding! Meanwhile, Darren was in the canoe with the nephew and whoever wasn’t kayaking! We are so blucky (blessed/lucky) to have lakes nearby for paddling in!

I finally have some days off (in a few days), so I am planning a paddling trip on one of the major rivers around here. Not sure which one, but I’m excited! I’ll be sure to write about it.


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