A Few Laughs

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I know I don’t usually do this, but I don’t usually surf on You Tube. Yesterday, I was a little bored and went in search of some funny videos. I lost all track of time, but I came across some very cute, funny videos. Thought I might as well share them here! First, a couple of funny cat ones:

Simon’s Cat – “Cat-Man-Do” and any other “Simon’s Cat” animation. 🙂

The Mean Kitty Song

A couple funny commercials (there are so many out there, but these were my favourites):caution-lost time

Kid-having-a-tantrum commercial (french with subtitles)

Magic fridge commercial

…and a couple to poke fun at men with fast cars (thanks Loretta)!

Red Ferarri

Yellow Corvette

See, I told you commercials have a plot and a hidden (or not so hidden) message! These ones are funny, but most are designed to create a want or a feeling of lacking something. It’s subtle, and you may be so used to it, you don’t even notice. Anyways, enjoy these ones, and have a giggle!

*CAUTION* You can easily get sucked into YouTube for hours and not even know it!


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