Aren’t Canadians Great, eh?

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Happy Canada Day! In honour of this special day, here’s a “Teresa’s Top 10:”

Top 10 Ways to Identify a Canadian:

10. Canadians love slang. Newfies use it to the extreme (and it can even be hard to understand them)!

9. Canadians wear toques.  No other country uses this word!

8. Canadians are even polite while kicking the shit out of someone in a game. “Oh, there you go, sorry, I just beat the pants off you.”

7. Canadians know what should go into a survival kit for a vehicle (although we don’t necessarily have all those things…)

6. Canadians have nerves of steel, especially when it comes to mosquitoes. Once covered in bug spray, we can sit in a cloud of them and not freak out (at least not until they get really thick). We are also very calm in disasters.

5. Canadians love talking about neat places to go… usually only accessible by quad, skidoo, canoe or float plane.

4. Canadians describe distances by how long it takes to drive there — “4 hours away” — and don’t generally balk at driving long distances (we have such a big country)!

3. Canadians still smile when the weather’s miserable, and thoroughly enjoy grumping and complaining about it. -40°C does not stop us from doing things!

2. Canadians love to tell weather-related stories about when you or someone you know hit the ditch, snowbank, moose, deer or other wildlife.

1. Canadian men don’t wear speedos. Not even on vacation in a tropical place.*

We had some friends over, but now they’ve all gone home (most have to work tomorrow, including me), but here’s a drink I invented to try sometime! I call it “Mackenzie’s Demise” (a good Canadian name, I think)! It’s mixed in a lo-ball glass (not a tall glass):

1 shot Zambuca

1 shot (or slightly less) Peppermint Schnapps

Ginger ale

5 drops lime juice (from the bottle you know you have somewhere in your fridge!)  🙂

And an ice cube or two. Stir and enjoy!

* The only exception is Olympic-level athletes who compete in aquatic sports. 🙂


One thought on “Aren’t Canadians Great, eh?

    chris said:
    July 3, 2009 at 3:04 am

    youre also canadian when you’ve “lived through the coldest winter on record” and not complain

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