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Here are a few tidbits… little observations I’ve made lately, or bits of wisdom I’ve heard!

– The skinniest people in the world are the richest and poorest (for different reasons).

– Television is watched for 1 of 3 reasons: education, entertainment, or distraction, most commonly, distraction.

– Some people like to work hard, and take pride in it. Some people like to mooch off the system, and take pride in it.

– Everyone wants a utopia, but it’s the distopia that makes us grow.

– There’s a pro and a con for every situation: winter — cold and snow/no mosquitos, summer — warm/mosquitos.

– Some of us naturally blame others for our trouble, some of us blame ourselves.

– There is no need to force someone out of my life. If I am true to myself (the most loving I can be), the wrong people will voluntarily leave because they won’t “get it.”


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