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What is your goal in life? Have you spent much time thinking about it, or does the question catch you off guard? Maybe you don’t even think there’s much point in goals, and just living day-to-day is enough. And that’s a good idea too — I think it’s best to have balance between looking toward a goal (personal, physical, whatever) but also not forgetting to live in the moment.

I’m reading a book about personalities, and it also gets a little philosophical at times. Very interesting stuff… so I thought I would publish what the author calls “endpoints.” They are the goal, or the main wisdom, or even the main struggle, that a certain type has. I’m going to introduce them to you as goals without telling you what personality type they go with… See which ones call out to you and sound like they apply to you!

– To harmonize your internal world with the external one. To live a life of integrity, only doing what you know to be right. Learning not to seek the applause of others, but instead to trust yourself, and find approval within yourself.

– To learn to find serenity and simplicity, and keep it.

– To recognize your seeds of discontent, the intense desire to grow toward perfection, fulfillment… even purity. To give selflessly, but also to learn humility.

– To reach an inner calm that is never upset. To know a peace so profound that nothing in your physical situation (flat tire, loss of job, etc) can upset you. To know inner harmony.candle_holder

– To experience the freedom of true individuality. To defy the norm, the crowd, the social pressures. To be happy to be an exile, at times, because you have stuck up for the truth and spoken your mind.

– To perceive, observe, and understand the world. To unravel the clues to the meaning behind things you experience/witness. To be like a journalist, seeing all.

– To reach inward, to feel every nuance of life and deeper things. To love, trust and accept all that the world offers, even if it is unpleasant or undesirable.

– To live every minute as if it were your last. To strip away pretense, game-playing, and live in truth only. To live intensely in the moment.

– To change the way you see the world, to embrace more mystical ways, to think of consciousness and all the mystery that life is. To realize that no matter what, consciousness is everywhere.

– To live free of limitations, and to go for every challenge, despite roadblocks. To have the courage to say “I am going to pursue what I want/need in my life.”

– To create, to express yourself. To leave nothing hidden in your vast imagination. To learn to truly be yourself, to show exactly who you are to the outside world.

– To get out of your comfort zone, to explore. To learn new things and explore the world intellectually. To grow your intuition, and become more philosophical. Ultimately, to continue on the quest for the meaning to life.

Pause and think about each one as you read them again. Which one calls out to you? Some will certainly appeal more to you than others, and there might even be one that shouts out louder than all the rest! Tune in next week (or whenever I blog next) for more insight into these!


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