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What to blog about the first time after the big day?! I decided that it would be nice to share with you the wedding vows that Darren and I wrote together and said to each other that fateful wintry day just over 2 weeks ago. Darren agreed with me, and so below are the vows that we said (me through tears about half way through!) as part of the ceremony.

I know that there is not two, but one.  We are on the same journey, sharing the same love for each other.  I share everything, hold nothing back, love completely and without reservation.  I do now, and will always believe the best in you, speak the truth in love, and hold you in perfect prayer.  I love you with the deepest love I know.  I rest in this love, which is in you and me, and everything, and I am full of joy and gratitude.

Our journey of spiritual unfoldment continues from this day, originating from the same Source, fueled by the same Love, nurtured by the same unending commitment to our mutual growth in Spirit.

And so it is.

Such depth to those words… it is good to remind myself of them, even now! Every day! 🙂

There’s a really cool part to this – because we chose to do our wedding as part of a regular Sunday celebration, and because the Centre is now podcasting their weekly messages (which Darren is taking care of), you can listen to the whole thing by using this link. So, if you missed the big day due to the bad weather, or for any reason, you can have a listen and hopefully feel like you didn’t miss out!  🙂 Look for December 7, 2008, and if it’s not there, check back in a week or so… it will be posted shortly!

So life is treating me very well and I am happy, content and feeling great.  My mantra lately is Love…  Gratitude…  Joy…  Contentment…  Peace…  Acceptance… (and then it repeats).

And it just so happens to be December 25th as I (finally) post this, so Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate it!  And to those of you who don’t, just enjoy the day where “Peace on Earth” is thought about!  🙂


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