Things I’ve Learned Lately

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Well, this isn’t going to be quite as profound as Oprah’s 20 Things I Know For Sure, but I have learned some things lately that I thought I’d share

• I have no right to complain about something going on around me unless I am, first, willing to step in and make a difference, and then I actually do it. Shortly after that, the urge to complain usually goes away.

• Living in the north can be like a third, or second, world country. It can take forever to get things done, and quality/safety standards slip and no one seems to care about it.

• Why complain about the weather? It’s all good, and all complaining does is make me into a complainer. It’s much better to accept and bless it (send out good vibes).

• It’s not my job to convert anyone else to my ideas/religion/theories. I have only to convert myself.

• I can change my mood at any time by changing my thoughts. I can change my thoughts simply by wanting to think something else.

• My ego pops up at the most inopportune times! At least I am aware of it…

That’s all for now, folks!  🙂  Take care!


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