Writing in the Snow

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A little small-town story… A friend of mine came home from running errands today and saw that someone had stopped by while she was out. Rather than leaving her a note, or calling her and leaving a message, they bent down and wrote in the snow with their finger: “Hi Mary! Work tomorrow?” They might have written more, but that was all the room they had on her front step!

So what does the message mean? Like archaeologists with a partial stone tablet, we spent quite a while tonight analyzing it. We determined that to understand the message content, we needed to know who the writer was. If only he or she had signed the note, Mary would know if it was her boss asking her if she can work tomorrow, or if it’s a friend wondering if she will have time to get together for a coffee! The writer could have left initials; instead we are left with rudimentary boot-print analysis! A quick survey of the neighbour next door revealed it wasn’t her… perhaps she had seen someone stooping to scribble? No. Alas, the mystery will be solved, I’m sure, if Mary’s co-worker stops by to pick her up tomorrow morning or if someone else fesses up to the snow graffiti. It’s a good thing it wasn’t snowing any more, or blowing either — that message wouldn’t have lasted long yesterday!

Only in small-town Canada… when you’re out of paper, or can’t find a phone, you can always resort to the Canadian message board — a snowy deck! (Please write with fingers.)

Enjoy the snow, everyone! We’ll be in it for a while now…  🙂


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