I Wanna be MacGyver

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When I grow up, I want to be just like MacGyver!* I’ve been watching episodes lately, and he is so cool! He is smart, practical, but most of all, he’s the king of thinking on his feet. He has a working knowledge of physics and chemistry and can make do with whatever he has within arms reach. He always carries his own matches.

He is always level headed. Nothing ever gets him rattled; he is cool whether there’s a gun at his head or a ticking bomb in his hands! He knows what to say to calm people down, and he always knows the best way to help. And despite all his knowledge, skill and handsomeness, he isn’t cocky! He doesn’t show off, he just does whatever he needs to do to save the day, shrugs, and says “well, I had an idea.” 🙂 He is the master of distraction – half his inventions are there just to distract the bad guys so he can get on with the next part of his plan. Or if he doesn’t have a plan, whatever he does gives him time to improvise. He never kills anyone – ever notice that? – but has no problem knocking people out and fighting hand-to-hand. He understands the vilest criminal and the prettiest woman – and can talk to both. He’s smart, but he’s no geek (i.e. he can talk to the ladies)! He’s handsome, but in a rugged I’ve-never-clipped-my-eyebrows sort of way. He’s versatile – he can cut his way through a jungle, or fake it at the roulette wheel. He usually works alone, but can also work with others, give direction, and help others help themselves.

So I want to be just like MacGyver! I guess I’ve just discovered all the traits I admire! Calm, level-headed, fast-thinking, improvising, smart, and humble. Aah, MacGyver, my hero!

*Okay, okay, I realize he is not a real person, only a TV character, but some real person invented him, and that’s real enough for me! 🙂


One thought on “I Wanna be MacGyver

    chris said:
    September 29, 2008 at 3:55 am

    FINALLY! im not the only one who wanted to be like Macgyver. the only character i know who can outwi someone without thought or the other person noticing. plus i have all seven seasons

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