I’m such a bachelor

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— Note: I actually started this draft about a year ago, but thought I would finish it and post it anyway. I am not actually like this. Thus endeth the disclaimer. 🙂 —

I’m such a bachelor! Okay, technically, I am a bachelorette, but I say “bachelor” because of all the things that come to mind with that word – kinda messy, doesn’t cook much (or ever), doesn’t want to take responsibility for his (her) actions, fly-by-the-seat-of-the-pants, etc. You get the idea, I think, and probably have a clue what I am talking about! Sometimes, I just have to laugh at myself – I don’t clean very often, so clutter kind of builds up, along with the pile of dirty dishes and cat hair furballs! They (the furballs) gather in the crooks of the hallway and in the spot at the bottom of the stairs – I’m not sure why! I haven’t done an extensive physics research project on it, but I am sure it has something to do with air flow – the air circulates along floor level in such a way that it swirls and the cat hair gathers up into little clumps that sit there until I vacuum them up (roughly 4 times per year) or by random chance they stick to my socks as I walk by. This sock-pick-up method is soon to be announced by Swiffer – Swiffer Socks! Just walk around your place and let your feet do the cleaning! 🙂

Seriously though, I think I need to strike a balance here! I need to grow up a bit in some ways – taking responsibility for my actions, planning better, cleaning up after myself, etc. I need to just get a little more serious about stuff like that, especially time management! Gads, it’s pretty atrocious, really. I only open mail that I know needs to be opened right now, and the rest piles up! I recently found a bank statement, unopened, from May. Yikes! I mean, I do online banking and all, so it’s not like I haven’t seen my account balance since May (that would be really bad), but still. So I need to grow up in some areas, yet the very words “grow up” sound so awful – over-starched collars, ironing sheets, 3 course meals, matching placemats, every detail of my life planned… Martha Stewart meets Jean Luc Piccard, that’s what I’d be! Ack!

So the balance comes in when I learn to be grown up and still know how to have fun, leave unscheduled time to do fun things, but know that the important stuff has been taken care of. Reduce the clutter in my house, but not go hog-wild with matching themed decorations (this is unlikely, as I am natually inclined to be un-matched). Open my mail, file it or deal with it, and then get on with life! Eat healthy, which sometimes means cooking a big meal, but not feel obliged to make salads, soups, and bread from scratch! These are the things I need balance in, so I think I’ll get a teeter-totter for my backyard and start by practicing on that! 🙂 What do teeter-totters have to do with cleanliness, orderliness, and proper eating? Balance, of course!

— Note: I lied earlier. This blog was only started a few months ago… but I am happy to report that I have improved in some areas. I have gone through all my unopened mail, almost completely cleaned off my desk (which was getting piled treacherously high) and keep my kitchen table mostly clean. There are still some furballs, so I guess I have room for improvement. I eat pretty healthy, cook sometimes, and still eat very few salads. 🙂 —


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