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Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while… I have been quite busy, and I also was a little tired of poetry. Writing a poem every day was not easy (or even just posting every day). But I have an idea I want to get out there!

What if there was no good and evil? What if there was only good? We tend to polarize things a lot–give them 2 extremes–when there really isn’t. Take for example light and dark. We think they are 2 things, but in reality, dark is just the absence of light. Light is the only thing that is real; dark is just an illusion. Same thing with hot and cold – there is no substance or force called “cold,” it just feels cold when there isn’t enough thermal energy around. Heat (thermal energy) is real; cold is an illusion (tell yourself this at -30 and let me know how it works for you)!!

What if the same were true for good and evil? What if good, like light and heat, was the only real thing and evil was just an absence of good, an illusion? This is what I have been reading about and pondering lately. What if the only power was good, or love, and the “force of evil” is just an illusion! Like a hallucination, it seems very real, and there’s no way to tell the difference between reality and the hallucination as long as it is going on. Something has to break through to show what the illusion is. In psychotherapy, that would be drugs; in life, what is it? What can break down the illusion of evil having power? Meditation, perhaps, leading to an awareness of an alternate reality, one where God is the only power for good? That makes sense to me, but I can’t say I’ve read anything specifically about that. Ideas anyone? Another way to think of it–we all have a connection to God/good, but some connections are rustier than others. So in a bad connection, not much good flows, i.e. God doesn’t work through some people as well/much as others. But if the connection is cleaned, the good starts to flow. Maybe this is oversimplified, but it makes sense to me! But I guess it hinges on the belief that we are all the same, and that no one is fundamentally better than anyone else… no one is “favoured in God’s eyes,” and we all have the potential for a great, clean connection to God.

That’s not to say it’s easy to just start ignoring evil necessarily. After all, dark and cold seem real, so evil/bad does too. When bad stuff happens, sometimes it seems like it is premeditated, or that there is an intelligence behind it somehow. But this could just be us imagining it (hallucinating again!) and you can re-program yourself to think differently. Why not think that this “bad” thing is happening to help you learn something, or to be more compassionate. It could be thought of as good in disguise. You can change your thoughts at any time, at will, and all you have to do is want to. A change in thoughts creates a cascade reaction of changes in our bodies too, and in our surroundings, whose evidence may or may not be seen immediately. I’ll have to talk more about changing thoughts another time!

Don’t get me wrong; I still struggle with thinking “there’s only good” when really nasty stuff happens in the world, like sexual assault or murder. But I still keep my thoughts from dwelling on it, and that seems to help. I guess if there’s enough people in the world believing in evil as a power, maybe that gives it some form/strength/momentum. But if we all stopped, it would disappear completely!

Yesterday, I read the chapter on meditation from Practicing the Presence by Joel S. Goldsmith. What a great book, and what a great, deep chapter! But I can’t tell you about it, because it says that the deepest spiritual things should not be talked about, not shown off, but kept secret and private, and that makes sense to me. I may have said too much already! 🙂

Take care everybody! Leave comments if you got ’em!

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