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Sorry I haven’t blogged in a few days… I’ve been off having adventures, of course! My sweetheart came up to visit me – a total surprise! – so that was awesome! We had an adventure in the mud – it’s amazingly sticky and yet slippery at the same time! We went for a drive, and I accidentally ended up on a mud road, got stuck and had to be pulled back to gravel. Tons of fun… and tons of mosquitos (not part of the fun)! At one point, I was skidding as though on ice, but it was mud! Weird! 🙂 That was Friday night. Then Saturday/Sunday, we went to Hay River, to see the Alexandra Falls, and check out the Great Slave Lake (both of which I had seen but he had not). They are both awesome, and I am always drawn back to reality and the moment, and anchored. Thus was this poem inspired:


To sit beside the ocean,
To hear the crashing waves,
See them crest,
See them curl…
To feel the wind in my hair
and know that I am alive,
Living fully in this moment.
I feel the ocean’s pulse,
I see it dance,
Feel it breathe.

I find an ocean
In a lake,
Sunset or sunrise –
In any moment
When I to reconnect
With who I really am.


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