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A-driving down the highway,
I heard a pond’rous sound.
It sounded like t’was raining,
Without a cloud around.

A pitty pat, a patty pit
A pittery pattery pat,
The raindrops on my windshield
Were the bodies of bugs a-splat!

They’re everywhere, this time of year,
A-swarming round the lights,
The car must be attracting them,
Whene’er I drive at night.

They’ll seek you out, ten miles away,
To fluster and to bite you,
Mosquitos, moths, and horseflies too,
No-see-ums, just to spite you.

Weird green ones, little winged ones,
Ones with big antennae,
It’s not so bad in the heat of noon,
But they come out around ten, eh?

There’s nothing you can do about ’em
Save to save yourself.
Even with deet, they’ll swarm around you-
It’s bad for your mental health!

Out-numbering us a trillion to one,
But soon they will be gone.
It’s summer in the north, I guess,
And it never seems too long.

So I’ll fill my windshield wiper fluid
With funny-smelling pink stuff.
I’ll stop complaining ’bout the bugs
When I’m saying “is it cold ’nuff?” 🙂


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