A Poem a Day!

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Hi everybody! I got a great idea from an amazing thing on Flickr – a picture a day, posted by a very creative and gifted young photographer, who goes by the alias “Artzy Viva.” Perhaps you know her, but if you don’t, check her out here. She’s posting a self-portrait a day and she is so creative!

Now, I am not going to post a picture a day, although I could, I suppose, but I thought I would try a poem a day, at least for a while (not promising a whole year). I have been wanting to write a little poetry lately, so here goes!


Wriggling, still,

Slender, plump,

Hungry, content.

Happy to eat what I throw away,

Worms are in my kitchen.

In bins, don’t worry, they aren’t running loose,

They aren’t running at all–

They don’t have legs.

They turn my garbage

Into beautiful dirt,

Even my junk mail.

Okay, I never said it would be beautiful, inspiring poetry! Maybe another day -today, I worked 13 hours, so that’s all I’ve got for ya!


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