Happy Solstice!

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I realize that I’m a day late on this, but yesterday was very busy, and by the time I sat down at my computer at the end of the day, I was beat! I suitably spent most of the day outside, working but also enjoying the sun and gorgeous weather so appropriate for the longest day of the year! We’ve had really great summer weather lately, which is nice. The longs days make it hard to sleep, though, or at least hard to realize it’s bedtime!

I find it fascinating that ancient people knew about the solstices. They measured the point that the sun rises on the horizon – an interesting experiment for anyone to do in their backyard – and the day when the sun rose on the northernmost point of the horizon became special. They didn’t have clocks (that we know of) but they could still tell when the longest day of the year was. Then they watched the sunrise every day, seeing that daily it was further south (along the eastern horizon) and knew when the winter solstice was too. I think they were a lot more in-touch with their environment than we are. Something we could work on!?

Some stats, for interest’s sake!  Only 3 locations, but if you want to look up yours, visit this site at the US Naval Observatory.

Location : Civil twilight starts – Sun rises — Sun sets — Civil twilight ends = Hours of daylight*

Calgary: 4:35 – 5:21 — 21:55 — 22:42 = 16:34

Edmonton: 4:11 – 5:04 — 22:07 — 23:01 = 17:03

High Level: 3:17 – 4:39 — 23:02 — 00:24 = 18:41

*Hours of daylight is calculated using sunrise and sunset.


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