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There is power in acceptance. When we accept ourselves completely, we are free from thinking we aren’t good enough, from hating parts of ourselves, even free from striving to be something we aren’t. We can see ourselves as we really are – another member of humanity, no better or worse than anyone else, and we’re all pretty damn amazing!

Accepting ourselves leads to acceptance of others. When we’ve dealt with our own junk, our own issues, we can see and accept others much more easily. We realize they are human too, maybe with some issues of their own, but that’s okay. When, at our absolute core, we don’t judge ourselves harshly, we are more understanding of others too.

Accepting our life’s circumstances is also important. By accepting what we have now, where we are now, we remove our desperate wanting. Wanting things to be different (different job, spouse, kids, etc), wanting more ____ (money, stuff, toys, friends, popularity, holidays, etc), wanting less _____ (trouble, work, bills, snow, etc). When we learn to accept what is, we come back to the present, stop moping about the past or pining for the future and we’re instantly happier. It means we stop rebelling against God and life and all it‘s given us. Thankfulness helps us accept things as they are, and always leads to more contentment, too.

We often take things for granted! We, healthy people, take for granted that we can get up and do things, go places, and sleep at night… when I work midnight shifts, sleeping is not always easy! We take for granted we can have a shower any time we want, get food any time we want, call our friends or family any time we want. There are people living in parts of the world that can’t do any of those things with any measure of reliability, and from what I’ve heard and seen, on the whole, they complain less than we do.

Thankfulness leads to acceptance of what is, which leads to acceptance of ourselves, which leads to acceptance of others, which leads to more kindness, understanding, tolerance, compassion, and love! I wonder what would happen if we all took a little time out to accept ourselves more.


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