12 Hours in the Wild

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Mwow. Mweeh. Mweeih. Meh. Mwow…

These are the words Eddie greeted me with as I got home from work today…. I was just getting out of my car, and there he was, much to my surprise, trotting down the sidewalk to me! You see, he is not supposed to be outside without supervision – I let him roam the cat-proof back yard when I am home, and if he doesn’t come in the house to check on me, I check on him. (It’s very cute how he comes into the house, makes sure he knows where I am, then heads straight back outside for more sunshine and fresh air.) I make sure he hasn’t escaped the yard – I heard you laugh when I said “cat proof” – or gotten into any other sort of trouble (but primarily I don’t want him to escape). He got out of the yard one evening, and it was not good! It happened a couple of hours before I had to go work a midnight shift, and I walked around the back alleys and streets near my house, calling his name and searching under cars, hedges, wherever I thought he might be! But I didn’t find him – either he didn’t hear me calling or he didn’t want to come out of hiding. Whatever the case, I had to go to work, while my beloved furry one spent the night in the back alleys of High Level (scary places even for a cat with all his claws). We occasionally have coyotes in town! I was a little worried, to say the least! Today, though, I hadn’t worried one bit, since I believed him to be in the house when I left for work. I had let him roam the yard while I ate breakfast and whatnot, as is his early-morning pleasure these days, but I was quite sure he had gone back in. Since I hadn’t seen him for certain in the house as I left, I did a quick check of the yard, but I didn’t see him anywhere, and I needed to get going, so I left. So, my kitty had an exciting day outside today!

And I know nothing about it! Except that he was waiting in the yard when I got home, anxious and very happy to see me. Did he hide all day from barking dogs and noisy trucks? Did he stalk the many birds that visit my bird feeder? Did he lounge lazily on the deck, ruling the yard and enjoying the sun? Did he get his required 10 hours of sleep today? Was he hungry, thirsty, or missing his litter box? Okay, by now you may be laughing at me, but it’s interesting to think of what might have happened. I’ll never know what he went through today.

And the coolest part of all: he isn’t mad at me! He was so relieved to see me (maybe he thought I would be gone for days) and he obviously missed me. All he wanted to do was get some attention and retreat to the safety of the house. Even though he loves his freedom, he loves me more. He had to live with the situation when I locked him outside, and he isn’t even mad at me about it! What a guy! For a cat, he has a very small ego! I’ve been reading a lot about ego lately – more on that another day!


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