Organic Apples

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Did you know you can return apples at the grocery store?  I return things to stores when they no longer work, or I bought too many of something, but I’ve never returned produce until yesterday!  I am so used to buying organic apples, which taste great no matter what variety I buy, that last week when they didn’t have any organic apples and I had to buy regular ones, I couldn’t eat them!  I tried one, and I could only get 3 bites down!  They tasted awful, like the skin had been painted!  Sure enough, I read the side of the bag later and they have a disclaimer about coating them with wax, parrafin and/or shellac!!  Well, I must have got shellacked apples, ’cause that’s how they tasted!  Yuck!  So, sure enough, Extra Foods took the apples back strictly on my explanation of bad tasting skins.

So this got me to thinking, that if everyone did this–bought organic apples, tasted how good they were, and then refused to buy, or even returned (!) regular apples–in no time, all apples would be organic!  That is, if the rules of supply and demand really do work, which some days I doubt!  (Do people really demand to watch some of the junk that’s on TV?  But that’s another blog…) And it also reminds me of an article I read about the true cost of organic produce!  Initially, it seems more expensive, but in the long run, it is far cheaper, because it uses less energy and natural resources to grow.  They save money on chemicals (obviously) which is pretty much balanced by the wages for more people needed to grow it (depending on what country you’re in, labour costs fluctuate greatly).  Turns out they don’t actually need the chemicals, because the farms naturally attract predatory insects to eat the bugs you don’t want (pests).  A study comparing organic and non-organic farms showed the same number of pests (but the organic farm also had the “good” insects).

Wow!  Could it be that farming with chemicals is totally unneccessary?  No!  It can’t be!  Or maybe… yup, it’s totally possible, with a little more elbow grease and other techniques to grow food without chemicals that tastes–O my gosh!–like food!!!!  Not like shellac.  🙂Apple

One other quick point, before I get too lost in sarcasm… the article continues to say that the price of organic food being a little higher actually represents the cost to grow food.  Non-organic food prices are artificially low because they produce such a volume.  Or maybe because they’re not producing food.  And this has not even begun to consider health-care costs caused by pesticide-related problems!  I won’t go into that, but you can read about it yourself!  A quick search brought me to but I am sure there is a lot more info out there!

Whew, I haven’t had a rant like that for a while!  Have a great day everyone!


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