Ideas about God – Omnipresence

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I think a lot of people who believe in God don’t really believe in his omnipresence. Omnipresence means that God is everywhere–that there is nowhere, in space or time, where God is not. But many people don’t seem to believe this at all. Let me explain.

It’s easy to see God in good, beautiful things! Sunrises, sunsets, delicate flowers, the Milky Way… It’s also easy to believe that God might be found in good people. In bad people, people who are rude, selfish, criminal or evil–not so likely! But maybe you’ve even realized that we’re all human and as such, we’re all capable of being rude or selfish, but equally capable of being kind and loving. All the potential for good is in every person; not everyone has realized that potential or made any use of it! This is an awesome revelation! But what about people seen as truly evil?

Let’s discuss the idea of good and evil. You may have been taught that there is good and evil in the universe; God is good and Satan is evil. The two are at war and although God is more powerful, Satan is not to be trifled with. (God is trifled with all the time, and often treated with less respect than “forces of evil.”) You may have also been taught that God is holy and therefore cannot mingle with evil things (like sinners, demons and the like). Heck, sinners and demons are almost the same thing in some people’s eyes! Anyways, I think the idea of God being separate from evil comes from the Old Testament, where God lived in the tabernacle, in the holiest of holy places, where only the high priest could go, and he could not come in contact with unholy things! Talk about putting God in a box! Anyways, if he can’t be near unholy things, what does that leave? Isn’t everything that isn’t him unholy? So does that mean he can’t be anywhere?!?

Do you see the problem? Well, what if I suggest that there are no unholy things. Or, removing the double negative, that everything is holy. So, God truly is everywhere and in everything, including demons. Now you might be saying “whoa there, Teresa, you’re jumping off the deep end!” Well, I guess I have, because I no longer believe in demons in the traditional sense–that they are pure evil, battling God for control of the world. In fact, I’ve come to believe there’s no such thing as pure evil either, but rather see demons as lost souls, beings that have gone astray, who need to know God loves them just as much as you or I need to know. Crazy? I don’t think so. As long as you believe in evil and good–two polar opposites in the universe–you can’t believe that God is everywhere (unless God is evil, but that’s crazy). So what do you want to believe:

1. that God is omnipresent and good is everywhere in the universe

2. that evil exists and God is not in it (therefore God is not omnipresent)

3. that God is evil (please don’t pick #3)!

Whatever you choose will colour all your other beliefs about God–and life–so think carefully! 🙂 By the way, it’s not that I believe there are no bad influences, un-loving people or negative situations, just that these things aren’t inherently bad or evil. In other words, at the core, the essence of everything is good. Including me! My soul is good! And it’s totally untouchable by evil, because evil is not real. It’s eternal and full of love, and that brings me a lot of peace.


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