Stone Island

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I´m here in Mexico visiting my friend Mary who is living in Mazatlan. Actually, she lives among the locals on Stone Island. It´s a village community, although it may have a population of up to 1000 people (different people say different things). I am having a great time. I´m in a Mexican internet cafe, POUNDING on the keyboard because it is very stiff and weird. Punctuation is not in the right place on the keyboard, but enough about that.

The village is neat, but not clean. There is no dirt, only sand, and it is everywhere. The houses are mostly made of brick, covered in cement, and most are painted very colourfully – these colours are too bold for most Canadians!!! I have seen some very poor neighbourhoods where the houses are made of tin for walls and palm fronds for roofs. Not too many of those. It´s an interesting mix of modern and old, but mostly old. The people seem quite happy (which is something I always look for). We have eaten food mostly from local vendors – mom and pop roadside stands, and the food is excellent. Not as spicy as I would have thought, but lots of corn (as I suspected). I had a corn drink which was great! There are a few tiny general stores where Mary buys things, and they have almost everything – but no D batteries anywhere on the island, needed to pump up the air mattress I was supposed to sleep on! Yesterday we mostly just walked all around the village on the island. Today we did the morning routine – a fruit yogurt shake, coffee with crema (very thick cream) and vanilla powder, tasted very good, a sponge bath and sat around on the outdoor terrace chatting and watching things happen in the neighbourhood. The house across the street was torn down yesterday, so there were things to watch! We got tomales from a man who sells them off a bike – very yummy! Then we went to the beach and sat and talked and read. I have a slightly pink tan despite number 45 sunblock. But I am ok, in fact, I´m great!!

Well, I should get going. We are going to the mainland today, to a nice public square, and just to see the scenery. Hope you are all staying warm. Love and miss you!

Tomale man

Tomale man with his bike!

Poor Neighbourhood

Poor neighbourhood


One thought on “Stone Island

    Jim Hey said:
    February 16, 2011 at 8:37 am

    I too have enjoyed my time on Stone Island, I have been coming to Mazatlan Mexico for many years since the 80’s and allways take time out to go to Stone Island. The best beach in Mazatlan is found on Stone Island as well as the local people are absolutly wonderful.

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