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Happy New Year everyone! Wow, we made it 8 years past the end of the world! 🙂 This is the time of year for new years resolutions… which can tend to get people obsessing about themselves! So I’ve been thinking about perfection lately. There are a lot of people that strive for it, becoming perfectionists. They’re usually miserable. They try so hard to be perfect and to make the world around them (their house or workplace) perfect, but they never can. They have some crazy ideal of what they should be, or what they need to be, for acceptance, maybe for love, for them to like themselves, whatever. Maybe to make up for some inherent flaw they think they have… What a life! To be always striving for something that can never-and they know it can never-be obtained! If you don’t know by now, I’m not a perfectionist!!
But what is perfect? I mean, who defines perfect as this or that? I think nature is perfect. Undisturbed nature, especially. I went for a walk yesterday and was looking at the trees, all covered with frost and snow, and they were so perfect! So beautiful! But they are also kind of interestingly abstract, lopsided sometimes, assymetrical, some of them downright weird-looking!! So, if I am a bit lopsided or weird-looking, couldn’t I be perfect too? I am a product of nature, too, aren’t I? Another way to say it, God created nature (everything actually), and since I’m a part of that, don’t attributes of nature apply to me? So, I can be beautiful and perfect, but I suppose I could also be wild, unruly, unpredictable (other attributes of nature)… but it’s all perfect!! I can choose what to be, I don’t have to be unruly just because that might be in my nature, somewhere deep down! Okay, maybe not that deep! 🙂
Do you see what I’m saying? Things that are funny looking or maybe undesirable by society’s standards are still beautiful and perfect by God’s. I’ll take God’s standards any day!


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