Post Thanksgiving

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“The days are getting perilously short… the terminator approaches each day with unrelenting, methodical, calculated slowness. It comes quicker now than it did before, but with no more eagerness than it ever had; indeed, its emotionless advance is what makes it so menacing. Each day, the dark side stays for longer – cool, uncaring – and the light side shows no passion, no heat. The terminator does not care that we are not ready for it. It does not care that we miss the sun. It comes anyway. Oh, yes, it comes…”

That excerpt is from my soon-to-be-authored novella “The Line Between Light and Dark.” On bookshelves eventually! 🙂 Jus’ bein’ silly!

And in other news… I saw a very strange anachronism today! I was at the grocery store, getting a few things, when I saw this nice, elderly mennonite couple. I smiled at them and they smiled back. Very sweet. The woman was dressed mostly in black, which isn’t saying a lot, since these dreary days, black is the colour of choice. She had her traditional head wear on, sort of like a little black kerchief. The man was not so obviously mennonite, and had the look of any old farmer. What happened next gave me a little surprise! His cel phone rang and with the expert ease of any youth, he flipped it open, pulled out the antenna and started talking – in German, of course! Well, I didn’t eavesdrop, but I’m pretty sure it was German. I just walked away and smiled!

On a much more serious note, an RCMP officer was killed the other day in Hay River. That’s close to High Level (it’s the next closest town to the north, not counting villages). It has put a bit of a cloud over the town, at least over me. The man who they believe did it is still at large and was believe to be in High Level (he deals drugs from here), but is probably in hiding now. His picture’s up here and there, and online. News agencies were in town, and many extra RCMP members. I think our members are taking it okay, but I was reminded that there have been 4 officers killed in northern/central Alberta in the last few years. So, I am praying a little extra for them, for all the members everywhere, and that they will find this guy soon, and arrest him with no incident. If you pray, won’t you join me? That’d be great.

Take care everybody! Give someone you love a hug today!

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