What a wild life!

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What a busy gal I’ve been lately! I have 2 jobs now (I also wash cars and trucks at Budget Rentals, and I really like it actually!) and 4 volunteer things! Gads. I have decreased one of the volunteer things and I only wash cars when I feel like I have time – they never call me saying I need to go in – but I am still quite busy. I have not had enough time to sit and think, to ponder life or write very much (although I did some on the last string of midnight shifts).
One thing I have been noticing is smells! Last time I went to Edmonton, I got an interesting smell as I was driving into Whitecourt. I usually keep my windows closed when I’m at highway speeds, ’cause I don’t like the noise and pressure of the wind. But when I slow down a bit, I often open the windows a little to get some fresh air and enjoy the wind. Well, entering Whitecourt, I got the unmistakeable smell of OFF!! Bug spray! Too funny! I’m not making that up!
Lately around High Level, we’ve had that musty fall smell-of-things-decaying. It’s sort of like wet bark or leaves, and we’ve certainly had enough rain to account for that – don’ get me started on what cool and un-summery weather we’ve had this past month.
Other smells I’ve experienced lately… I met a helicopter pilot and ended up tagging along/helping out on the ground crew, so I was reminded what avgas smells like (pretty much like gasoline, actually). It was great to get out in the bush, far from everything and enjoy the deep quiet out there too. And the usual earthy bush smells. Passing by road construction, which there’s been plenty of, the nose-collapsing smell of tar and ashphalt. Ugh! How do they breathe that in all day! Freshly cut grass is another great one – although it’s less powerful now that the grass has really slowed down its growing. We’ve had some very cool temperatures at night, although I think we only had frost once. I made cinnamon buns not too long ago and I’m pretty much convinced that’s what heaven smells like (for me, anyway)!!
I’ve been trying to live in the moment as much as possible and enjoy every bit of it, and part of that is enjoying smells, even the less pleasant ones.
I’ll write more later… I’m getting pretty tired and need to crash for a nap! Take care everybody!


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