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I got back yesterday from an absolutely awesome time in Edmonton for 6 days (well, minus about 2 days of driving time). I went for a conference – the Micah Challenge Edmonton Conference – which was great! One of the main speakers, Brennan Manning, who is also an author of several books, was truly inspiring and uplifting. Not in that he had lived a great, inspiring life – in many ways, he lived the very opposite – but because he helped all of us at the conference to reconnect with God, to realize how much He loves us and how awesome His grace is. He spoke from the heart and mixed in a little humour here and there, too. I think it was made all the more precious because it’s clear his health is quite bad and it’s unclear how much longer he will be able to keep touring and speaking to groups. I am reading one of his books, The Ragamuffin Gospel, which led me to his website and then to the conference website. I am SOOOOOOO glad that I went (even though it wasn’t entirely easy to do).
I am reading another book, too, called Peace is Every Step. In the first part of the book it talks about meditating and bascially living in the moment. We spend so much time thinking either of the past or the future, we often miss out on the moment completely. Even if the moment is not a perfect one – far from vacations and beautiful sunrises and sunsets of life – it is still more fulfilling to live in the moment than to be constantly wanting for more or wishing to be somewhere else, or sometime else… Time is an awesome thing; you can’t get more of it, or make it go any faster. You can make it go slower by meditating and enjoying every moment. I heard recently “time exists so things don’t happen all at once. Space exists so it doesn’t all happen to us.” Interesting, eh? So, I’m going to go on living in the present as much as possible and trying to stay out of trouble! 🙂 Wish me luck!
Take care everybody! Remember to leave comments if you read this!


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