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Alright, this might be a little silly, but I think it helps sometimes to look at things from another perspective!

Schletteger’s log: Observations of Earth, 3rd planet from the yellow star

After a short time of observing the planet Earth, I can easily see that humans have dominated all other life on the planet. They live in all quadrants of the planet, on land and sea, and utilize the atmosphere as well for transportation. They are not very advanced technologically or socially.

They do whatever they want to nature, without a thought about the ramifications, even if the result will be negative in the future. Other Earth creatures do not disregard the welfare of the planet and go about destroying things and leaving scars on the landscape everywhere they go – in fact, there are many examples of how animals of different species help each other, in symbiotic relationships. It is difficult to find a place on the Earth where we can’t see the impact of humans.

I have studied how they move around – when they build roads they flatten hills, fill in valleys, build large, obtrusive bridges and tunnels. I can easily see their road system from orbit. Their rail system is not as obtrusive or extensive, although on some continents there are a greater number of trains. Their use of hovercraft is virtually non-existent, although they have discovered the technology and have moved beyond building prototypes. They actually dredge the ocean floor to make room for huge ships to transport things – as if the ocean isn’t deep enough! Some ships travel as far as halfway around the planet! They go halfway around the planet the equivalent of 50 times per day in air-flying devices. These airplanes are more efficient than the ground-moving devices, but would be far more efficient if they could attain higher altitudes or sub-orbital flight. They have many orbiting non-life-supporting satellites but only one which houses humans. They seem to prefer the earth to space. There is a great deal of debris in orbit (we have had to learn how to scan past it) which will limit their ability to achieve orbit soon if they do not start cleaning it up. They have the least efficient engines (on the vast majority of their transportation devices) that I have ever seen! Many pollutants clog their air because of the residue of this inefficient “internal combustion” engine. They do, on the whole, seem to be quite obsessed with burning things, with no regard for the effect on the atmosphere.

They have many unnecessary devices. I believe many of these were originally invented to minimize work but the result has been the exact opposite. They create a great deal of work, for those who use the device and for those who must make the devices. They are so attached to many of their invented devices that they compare themselves by the devices they own and thus judge each other’s importance! How ridiculous – that a device could determine one’s importance in life! They even pamper the devices – inanimate things – and treat them better than they treat living things, including themselves. The worst of this is seen in small-scale transportation devices.

For all their transportation needs (considering the size of the planet and the extent to which they inhabit it), their transportation model and logistics function in a very inefficient way. They often use their small-scale transportation devices, with the ridiculously inefficient engines, to move only one human at a time. They transport many things vast distances when that object/food could be made/grown a lot closer. They ship things south then north, and often fly from place to place without following the shortest route. They ship many things that could be sent electronically, without needing to send the actual object. One good thing they have done is create ways to communicate with each other without needing to travel (transmission of voices and other messages) and this method of communication is used extensively (not always for the purpose of work).

They build ridiculously huge structures for many odd purposes. Some of these are to create electricity to run their many unnecessary devices. Some of these are for humans to work in, many of whom do not want to be there. Some of these huge structures seem to be built for a very small number of people to live in – 1 or 2! – when there are hundreds in close proximity (and millions around the globe) who have nowhere to live. There are vast differences (more than can be explained by climate alone) in the way that humans on different land masses live; some have many devices and huge structures, with many – we have no word to describe it, so I will use their word: luxuries. And humans on some land masses are lacking the resources to meet their basic needs; they have no way to feed themselves, unrealistically small structures to live in, and no clean water to drink or clean themselves in.

On the whole, it is a planet of contradictions – great wealth/great poverty, advanced technology/lack of advancement, respect for built things/no respect for natural things, heroic measures to save some lives/disregard for life in other forms. To summarize: the planet itself is rich with resources and life, and humans are the bullies of the Earth.

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