So Very Lucky

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How did I get to be so very lucky? In my life, I just have so much good stuff going on… and I’m really so happy and content, it shouldn’t be allowed! For one, I just got back from my kayaking vacation – I went to Vancouver Island, to the west coast, and did a 4-day trip in the Broken Group Islands! I highly recommend it, especially in May when there aren’t very many people in the park. In the summer, apparently, there can be up to 300 people in the park at 5 designated camp sites (that’s about 60 people per site), which makes for a bit of a crowded paddling experience! Certainly not the peaceful wilderness refuge that I experienced! It was amazing – I’m including a few pictures (I took hundreds with my new digital camera – woo hoo!!)! The company I went with, Pacific Northwest Adventures ( was really great too! 🙂
Going back to what I was saying… I was thinking today of how happy I am and how did this happen?!? It’s not like I had a perfect childhood! In fact, if you looked at my school life, it couldn’t be much worse! I had virtually no friends until about grade 5 or 6, was ridiculed for my beliefs and ostracised (although I was oblivious to some of it, thankfully). My family life was good, not perfect, but compared to other people I hear about, it was pretty darn good! Growing up on a farm is great, at least I loved it. I think it’s a great way to learn independence and intiative, as well as learning to do new things and gaining confidence to try new things. I think I also learned to appreciate people, although exactly how I learned that, I’m not sure! In any case, I’ve got to say that I’m more content than ever, and I think it comes from being balanced and accepting myself and those around me. Gosh, I feel like I should knock on wood or something!! 🙂

I think I’ll do a couple of photo-blogs to show you more about my trip… I apologize for those on dial up, because it might take a while to load!!
Take care everyone, and remember not to get so busy DOING things that you forget to just BE. Enjoy the moment!

One thought on “So Very Lucky

    Patricia said:
    June 8, 2007 at 3:23 pm

    Great pics, Ter. And I loved your blog. I know what you mean (although our early experiences were different, but a bit the same). I think you’re collecting on good things long overdue in your life! Good for you!!!

    Love ya,


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